Time to Take a Stand for Truth and Spiritual Integrity

But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. – John 4:23 

I have waited to write this comment until after the last minute in case the LORD did a last minute spectacular turn around in the situation – but that did not happen. Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, prompting the question did many Christian leaders and ‘prophets’ who assured us that Donald Trump would be re-elected really hear from the LORD? I am not going to name people here, but we saw one very prominent US minister say I can unequivocally tell you that Donald Trump will be re-elected in November. A few ‘prophets’ are still insisting that they heard right and that it is still no over. Whose voice are they hearing?

So far only Pastor Jeremiah Johnson has publicly admitted he heard wrong and repented. In response he was horribly attacked on social media, received many abusive emails, and he even received at least 1 death threat – all from people claiming to be Christians. Disgusting and disgraceful are not strong enough words to describe these attacks against a brother who had the humility to admit he was wrong. Is is a very clear window into the heart condition of many people who claim to members of the Body of Yeshua. Could it be that the LORD is exposing these things and calling the Church to repent and return to truth and spiritual integrity?

As I reflected on the final outcome of the election and that Joe Biden is now the US President, I saw a different scenario to what the people who were wanting to see Trump continue as president. I do not like Donald Trump as a person, but we are not called to like our leaders, but pray for them. Sure he was great for Israel and the new administration is not likely to maintain the same level of solidarity as DT did. Sure DT pulled the US out of the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran and Biden has already indicated that the will reverse that, thus endangering the lives of 9 million Israelis. Sure DT was doing his best to overturn the Roe v Wade decision and save the lives of countless unborn babies that the new duo will advance and fund the murder of. Sure DT was counseled by many Evangelical leaders and he supported the Church. Sure DT was successful in making America much greater in many ways than it was when he took over as President 4 years ago. Sure the next four years of life in America and maybe Israel would most likely have been better under Donald Trump.

If you are still questioning why the words of the ‘prophets’ and the massive amount of prayer for DT seems to have been ignored by the LORD, have you considered this? I am sure most of us agree that over the last 10 months, since the pandemic hit the nations and the US election occurred, the world has moved faster and deeper into the time of the fulfillment of the End Time events that we see in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. Please go read those chapters again – do you see the situation reverse or improve? No we don’t. The sorrows only intensify. So if I am right, then believing for the situation to improve and praying for 4 more years of making America greater is actually praying against GOD’s End Time plans and timing.

In 2 Peter 3:12 we are encouraged to hasten the day of the Lord’s return. Praying for what we personally want to see happen and not in sync with the LORD will delay the return of Yeshua. I must confess that I have been guilty of this at times. I remember in the election that led to Obama’s first term as President, the rumour started to circulate that he was not born in America and did not qualify to be President. I did not know anything about Obama, I just had a bad feeling about him being the President, so I sent an email to the Americans in my address book, encouraging them to check it out and if true to do something about it. A few days later as I was praying I sensed the LORD say to me “How can you be sure that I do not want Barack Obama to be the President.”  I immediately asked for His forgiveness.

In regards to the other issue that most of the world is has been facing since March 2020, many have been praying and asking the LORD to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, but He may well have allowed it to bring the world to its knees in deep repentance. Again to pray it away may be praying against what the LORD is doing. I want to encourage everyone to really think about what we see and hear on the news or social media, and to do our best to see it through the lens of the Scriptures, and think about how we have been praying in regards to the US political scene and the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s be as sure as we can that our prayers are indeed helping to hasten the day of the LORD’s return and not the opposite.

I feel to pray …….. GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, GOD of Israel …. forgive us for if we have listened to the wrong voices. Abba forgive us if we have not rightly discerned true prophetic words from false. Abba forgive us if we have prayed against your plans and purpose.  Abbas forgive us if we have been influenced by fake news reports. Abba, wash us and cleanse us with the Blood of Yeshua and please fill us afresh with your Ruach ha Kodesh. Holy Spirit lead us and guide us into all truth and help us to live and minister with integrity and righteousness – B Shem Yeshua …. Amen.