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Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 11

Yael writes, "It’s interesting to look back on my journey which took me all the way from Pretoria, South Africa to Israel and see the miraculous hand of God in all He did to get me here."

What are you waiting for?

Avraham writes, "I would like to discuss some Biblical and historical background to help highlight Israel's purpose in God's plan, and then plead with you to act accordingly."

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 10

Howard writes, "It is also very gratifying, knowing that God has made Israel home for all of our family. We came not knowing anyone, but now we are members of the growing family of  Messiah and our Father in Heaven, YHVH  the God of Israel."

This is No Time in History to Deny Any Jew Citizenship...

Cookie writes, "Where are our politicians and our principled leaders? Do they not understand that American Jews, more than ever, need to be accepted here no matter what they believe?"

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 9

Eitan writes, "A pivotal point for us was a Messianic conference which took place in the mid-70s. There, we heard a speaker from Israel, and I remember feeling in my heart that Israel would be my home, as God was confirming that it, indeed, was my destiny."

Vertical — new Galilee house of prayer — to be dedicated...

A new house of prayer in the Galilee will be dedicated on the grounds of the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) this week on the evening of Shavuot in a live event streamed on Zoom. The beginning of watches at this new house of prayer is auspicious and miraculous in its timing.

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 7

"My particular family has many different stories since it involves so many children, but God faithfully brought us to Israel to be a light to the nations."

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 6

Rebecca writes, "I will never forget the day I made Aliyah. As I left the Interior Ministry, my face broke into a smile the moment I saw my friend waiting for me holding a box of goodies. God had made it possible for me to become an Israeli citizen."

ICEJ funds extra aliyah during Coronavirus

Despite all the travel bans due to the Coronavirus, Israel is still welcoming new immigrants. Another group of 45 Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants made Aliyah last week, just in time for the nation’s Independence Day celebrations.

Israel – my first love

Tuvia writes, "Israel has always been on my heart. It has been unexplainable and supernatural. God took me here, and he kept me. I have always had an inner certainty that I belong in Israel."