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A Call for Biblical Wisdom and Action about COVID-19: Understanding...

Sandra writes, "The past weeks of global slowdown have been for many in the Body of Messiah a precious time of intimacy with the Lord. We hear Him drawing us to deeper communion and surrender, repentance and intercession..."

The Spiritual Root of the Coronavirus

David writes, "I believe the answer has a spiritual root or cause. It is because mankind has erased the line between us and the animals established by God in Scripture..."

What is God Trying to Say Through This Pandemic

Chava writes, "Did God send this pandemic to the world or was it simply the results of a man-made error? While none of us know the answer to that question, does it really matter? I don’t think so."

A Biblical Perspective on the Coronavirus

Carolyn writes, "Regarding the coronavirus, I felt led to do a word study on the Hebrew word for plague:  נֶגַע which also means stroke, disease, assault or mark. It also means to touch in modern Hebrew. Another word for plague is נֶגֶף which is also a striking blow."