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The second wave of coronavirus hits Israel harder than the first...

For the current wave, there is a reluctance to close workplaces that have reopened, and cause a bigger damage to the economy. This time, the restrictions are more focused on prohibiting large gatherings and higher enforcement efforts on focused areas with higher rates of COVID-19 cases.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 17, 2020

Top stories this week include: Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a two-stage plan to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Israel is building a road to connect Jerusalem area settlements, Travel between Greece and Israel to resume August 1st.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 10, 2020

Top stories this week include: Benjamin Netanyahu decides to annex just 3 settlements in July, The PA threatens to end civil services to its...

Messianic youth groups in Jerusalem among those quarantined after COVID-19 outbreak

One of the largest high schools in Jerusalem, the Gymnasia is home to several Messianic students some of whom had attended youth group meetings days before being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Now, all teens and leaders who attended those meetings were forced to go into quarantine as well.

Corona, Comfort and Compassion

Asher writes, "Everybody is feeling the pressure and difficulty. What do I feel? I feel everything everybody else feels, but the difference is that we have a measure of faith and strength on the inside. We have the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, to be able to deal with it."

Protecting the most vulnerable: KNI partners with local Messianic congregations in...

Kehila News is partnering with four congregations around Israel in order to distribute the BioBlocX masks to the elderly in our own Messianic community as well as others.

HBF Israel supports believing healthcare workers year round, not just during...

Healthcare workers face tremendous pressures every day, but with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, a new appreciation for their difficult and life-saving work has taken hold both here in Israel and around the globe.

A Call for Biblical Wisdom and Action about COVID-19: Understanding...

Sandra writes, "The past weeks of global slowdown have been for many in the Body of Messiah a precious time of intimacy with the Lord. We hear Him drawing us to deeper communion and surrender, repentance and intercession..."

Uplifting Family Hope When Sheltering from the Coronavirus

Rick writes, "On Good Friday, during a wonderful time of prayer for families staying in their homes because of the restrictions in many nations, we felt the heart of the Lord as we wept for specific families. Yet we are confident that in the end these events could give families hope."

With elderly hardest hit by COVID-19, Ebenezer Home feels the strain

Though none of the residents at Ebenezer Home — the only facility for elderly believers in Israel — has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the staff there is operating under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep it that way.