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[VIDEO] Kehila News Top Story of the Week: Dealing with the...

Watch a review about the top story of the week from Israel: Dealing with the coronavirus; government restrictions and citizen responses.

Global prayer summit against coronavirus to be led from Israel

Christian and Messianic leaders from the believing community in Israel will be joining in with other spiritual leaders from the United States, China and other nations for a global solemn assembly that will be live-streamed online to pray corporately against the coronavirus.

Believers in Israel’s travel industry feeling blow of crippling government restrictions

Travel companies owned by Israeli Messianic Jews and Christians are reeling from the effects of drastic and industry-devastating measures taken by the government to control the spread of the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Holy Land.

What is God Trying to Say Through This Pandemic

Chava writes, "Did God send this pandemic to the world or was it simply the results of a man-made error? While none of us know the answer to that question, does it really matter? I don’t think so."

Spotlight on Iran in a Time of Great Shakings of Nations

Rick writes, "I believe the great shakings are happening in Iran, and we need to pray for a great emergence of the unshakable Kingdom of God in Iran during this season."

A Biblical Perspective on the Coronavirus

Carolyn writes, "Regarding the coronavirus, I felt led to do a word study on the Hebrew word for plague:  נֶגַע which also means stroke, disease, assault or mark. It also means to touch in modern Hebrew. Another word for plague is נֶגֶף which is also a striking blow."

Messianic congregations scramble to comply with new Israeli rules on coronavirus

In order to comply with new Ministry of Health directives designed to halt the spread of coronavirus, Messianic congregations are moving to home groups, adding services or offering video streaming of their meetings in place of weekly services.

With Passover and Easter coming, Israel becomes 1st nation to ban...

As the global death toll from the coronavirus climbs, the Israeli government is taking absolutely unprecedented measures in the history of the country — of any country — to protect its 9 million citizens and make sure that Israelis are not banned from entering or doing business with the rest of the world.

Purim holiday, Corona, and ancient Persia

Tuvia writes, "I think we can take the same comfort today with this corona threat. God is sovereign, whatever happens."

Coronavirus, elections, and anti-messianic attacks: Top news stories Feb 29-Mar 6

Israel's extreme response to the Coronavirus: 10's of thousands of Israelis have been ordered to self-quarantine for 14-days by the Health Ministry, including Israelis returning...