Eric Tokajer Dec 5, 2019

If It Were Not for the Talmud, I Would Not Be a Messianic Jew

Recently, as a result of one of my previous articles, someone began corresponding with me by trashing the Talmud. I found this particularly interesting because it was clear from their ...

Your People My People Dec 5, 2019

Did Jesus celebrate Christmas?

If you live in a country that celebrates Christmas, with all the busy preparations for this joyous occasion, it may be hard to imagine winter without this festive season.  In ...

Moti Cohen Dec 5, 2019

Feed Tel Aviv

“My daughter is hungry, and it’s her birthday today. Maybe you have some food left over that I can bring her to make her happy?” This was said to me ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Dec 3, 2019

Jew, Christian honored posthumously for saving Jews during Holocaust

A Jew and a Christian from Italy were honored in Jerusalem last week for their heroism and for their display of “rare” interfaith cooperation in saving Jewish lives during the ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Dec 2, 2019

Give your family and friends “The Persian Gamble” and “The Jerusalem Assassin.”

Give your friends and family the latest adventures of former Marine and U.S. Secret Service agent, Marcus Ryker.

Eric Tokajer Nov 30, 2019

Old jars new wine

Eric writes, "In the past when I viewed these verses, I focused on the miracle of the water being turned into wine, which I have to say was a pretty ...

Ishai Royel Nov 29, 2019

650 Christian Businesspeople Arriving in Israel for the ARISE Summit

On December 4th, around 650 Christian business people from 50 countries will arrive in Israel to meet with Israeli entrepreneurs at the ARISE Summit.  ARISE (the Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 29, 2019

Weekly Summary: Top Things to Know from November 23rd-29th

Jordan’s military simulates a war with Israel: Jordan conducted a military exercise on November 25 that simulated a war with Israel. The exercise featured a Jordanian battalion and took place ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 29, 2019

Helping the Poor and Needy

Helping the poor is a basic part of almost all religions. Churches and Christian ministries throughout the world are involved with feeding the hungry, disaster relief, soup kitchens, etc. In ...

David Silver Nov 29, 2019

Let us not be ashamed of the Gospel – it is pretty amazing!

David writes, "The Good News is that because 2000 years ago the Son of GOD laid down His sinless life as a Levitical sacrifice, and the curtain concealing the Holy ...