Aaron Hecht Nov 17, 2019

Is there any safe place?

Aaron writes, "The only safe place for any of us to be is in the center of God’s will for our lives."

Eric Tokajer Nov 16, 2019

Always beloved and always well pleased

Eric writes, "The message of the cross is not that G-D had to forsake Yeshua so that He could save us. No! The message of the cross is that a ...

Michael Beener Nov 13, 2019

Pray for the protection of Israel

We want to ask you to stay with us in prayers in these hours for God’s protection of the cities and settlements of Israel, which at this time are under ...

Arnold Fruchtenbaum Nov 12, 2019

The Suffering of the Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12

The most crucial passage in the whole book of Isaiah is 52:13-53:12. This long section of Isaiah is so clear in its description of the suffering Messiah that it has ...

Aaron Hecht Nov 11, 2019

Some thoughts on the weaponization of shame

Aaron writes, "Making something that’s still legal nonetheless socially unacceptable costs very little, can be done very quickly and nearly always works."

Tuvia Pollack Nov 10, 2019

Jesus, Yeshua or Yahshua?

Tuvia writes, "I want to start with a warning. I am a bit of a history nerd and a language and grammar nerd. This question tickles both of those bones. ...

Eric Tokajer Nov 9, 2019

Are we too busy seeing miracles to see a miracle?

Eric writes, "Some of the most miraculous events take place not when G-D does something for one of the heroes of our faith in the pages of our sacred texts, ...

Carolyn Hyde Nov 5, 2019

A reconciliation long overdue

Carolyn writes, "This morning I awoke from a dream and wrote this letter to a person who was a dear friend with whom I had a falling out. Thank G-d ...

Ariel Blumenthal Nov 4, 2019

Discerning the Body of the Lord

Ariel writes, "What’s wrong in Corinth? What sin caused the sharing of the Lord’s Supper, intended to heal and give life, to result in such sickness, even death?"

Howard Bass Nov 3, 2019

Let not your hearts be troubled

Howard writes, "We overcome the devil, the flesh, and the world by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. Yeshua tells us how we are to ...