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Israel turns right

Shira writes, "After a real cliff-hanger, it turned out that the election on April 9 gave Benjamin Netanyahu a comfortable majority in Israel’s Knesset. So what does this election say about Israel?"

Gentile kings and Jewish prophets

Eitan writes, "I am convinced that this partnership is an essential facet of God’s blueprint for world redemption. We are walking it out by divine design, causing divine delight."

The perfect antidote to bitterness

"Like a gas leak, bitterness can be barely discernible at first – perhaps there’s the slight whiff of something not quite right – but if you’re not wide awake and alert, it can be fatal."

Inheriting Zion

Joni writes, "Inheriting Zion is perhaps the world’s biggest controversy, after the issue of Yeshua being God! The word ‘Zion’ refers to Jerusalem, but is also used to describe the entire land of Israel."

Gen 4: Crime and punishment, with redemptive hope

Howard writes, "We may not realize that sin is a crime against God. Sin is lawlessness; that is, it does not accept or live by any law that governs society, or that establishes what is good and what is evil."

The Gates

Elhanan writes, "Continents stream through the gates of Jerusalem, converging rivers of faces pumping life's blood, through chambers of this heart of all cities..."

The need to make a dent in the universe

Adam writes, "Do you feel the need to make a dent in the universe? I think we all do. But what about our other needs, like food, water, shelter, money, love? Which needs are more important than others?"

Zionism and justice

Daniel writes, "Most justice commentators and policy makers today ignore the most important point: God is the owner of the whole earth, He has the right to allocate land as He sees fit."

Cleanse the unclean

Moran writes, "As I was reading this week’s Parasha (Scripture portion), two specific instances caught my attention because they connect to Messiah’s ministry of cleansing while He was on the earth."

Things are temporal but lives are eternal

Eric writes, "My grandfather taught me that things are temporal but lives are eternal. That is why the two greatest commandments are about loving that which is eternal: G-D and People."