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Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 5

Hannah writes, "As the “second-chance” Passover approaches, we examine an ancient Passover tradition that was dismantled some 18 centuries ago, for no other reason than its unmistakable resemblance to Yeshua."

A time to mourn and a time to rejoice

Eddie writes, "God is truly amazing and we know that if God is for us, no one can stand against us! We are more than conquerors in Him and His grace is really sufficient!"

The day after the barrage of rockets on Israel

Avner writes, "In 48 hours a total of 690 rockets and mortars were fired against Israeli civilians by the Islamist jihadi terror groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad."

Love your enemies – Jesus is not joking

"Jesus was not interested in messing around with normal levels of niceness. He was starting a whole new revolution called “Love your enemies”… and challenging us to join him."

Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 2)

Asher writes, "When the disciples asked Yeshua in Acts 1:7 if the kingdom would be established in Israel at that time, He did not say it would not happen. He said they could not know when."

Be holy!

Moran writes, "The first two verses of this week’s portion are key for us to understand who God is, what He is, and what is His desire for us."

Seeing the big picture

One of my favorite artists paints amazing pictures of Biblical text using the text itself to make the picture. In other words when he...

A biblical explanation of Israel’s days of remembrance

Joseph writes, "The most important reasons why we must remember are that we don’t want to forget, nor do we want the next generations of Jewish people and the people of the world to forget what happened in those camps, where Jews were not even considered as human beings."

Some thoughts on gratitude

Aaron writes, "Sometimes God sends a disaster into the lives of an individual or a nation because that’s the only way He can get them on the trajectory that they need to be on to bring them to the wonderful things He’s prepared for them."