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The first Jewish believer to share the gospel in Jerusalem in...

Joseph Wolff is a remarkable character and quite an eccentric person. He was Jewish, and he broke new ground by bringing the gospel to places where no one had dared to go before him.

Why Israelis Don’t Read their Bible (and What We Did About...

Shira writes, "Believe it or not, one of the most significant stumbling blocks to Israelis receiving salvation is rooted in the language of the Old Testament itself."

Stages in the Life of Stephen

Asher writes, "Stephen was a true hero of the faith, and of course, the first man recorded to have given his life physically for the gospel. His life can be seen as a living sacrifice..."

Messianic artist seeking renewed purpose after experiencing personal loss

Baruch Maayan is a talented Messianic artist and sculptor. His paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in both Israel and his native South Africa, and many of them are on permanent display at the Gilgal hotel in Tel-Aviv.

Messianic elderly-care facility hit by Omicron, providing quality care for sick...

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has hit the Ebenezer home in Haifa, the only facility for elderly believers in Israel. The home managed to keep the virus at bay in all previous waves, but it was this variant has finally affected them.

Weeping aloud, weeping allowed

Eitan writes, "In their story, God is making a strong statement. Is there a message for us in Joseph’s piercing cries?"

Too Much Religion, Too Little Faith

Joseph writes, "This reading includes some of the most important moments in the Biblical history. The crossing of the (Red) Sea of Reeds, and the Song of Moses."

The first Protestant missionary in Jerusalem: A history of Messianic Jews...

The first protestant missionary who arrived in Jerusalem was Cristoph Burckhardt, in May 1818. He was a Swiss Clergyman, and he stayed for less than ten days while he sold and distributed bibles.

Who is discipling the young generation in Israel?

We are inspired by multiple youth and young adult ministries throughout Israel. They have adapted and intentionally stepped up to meet the ever-changing needs of young people in their country.

Israel’s coast reveals ancient Christian treasure

If there’s one thing more exciting than discovering ancient treasure buried in the land of Israel, it’s finding ancient treasure from shipwrecks deep under the sea!