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Helping the Vulnerable – The Helpless in Israel Get Support From...

We have reached out to a few ministries in Israel, who directly assist those who are considered invisible in the society. Here is how they have been coping over the past few months.

Anti-missionary attacks renewed on Messianic home for at-risk youth

After a respite of a few months from attacks at a Messianic-run shelter, the property was broken into last week by a group of men armed with metal rods and rocks while six women were alone on the premises.

Aviv Center brings believers from across Israel to provide food, hope...

What started as an idea to build a congregation 15 years ago blossomed into a Messianic ministry that reaches some of the most vulnerable of Israeli society — drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and homeless.

[VIDEO] Ron Cantor and Ward Simpson interviewed on Israeli TV about...

Ron and Ward explain that the first Jewish believers never stopped being Jewish.

The second wave of coronavirus hits Israel harder than the first...

For the current wave, there is a reluctance to close workplaces that have reopened, and cause a bigger damage to the economy. This time, the restrictions are more focused on prohibiting large gatherings and higher enforcement efforts on focused areas with higher rates of COVID-19 cases.

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 10

Howard writes, "It is also very gratifying, knowing that God has made Israel home for all of our family. We came not knowing anyone, but now we are members of the growing family of  Messiah and our Father in Heaven, YHVH  the God of Israel."

Shelanu TV will shut down on cable – and reopen online

HOT cable company chose not to reapply for a license on Shelanu TV’s behalf, effectively ending its time on Israeli cable TV. God TV’s spokesman in Israel, Ron Cantor, said the show will go on, albeit in a different format.

Press Release: HOT Cable Company chooses to drop Shelanu TV because...

Last night we learned that HOT Cable company has chosen not to reapply for a license for Shelanu TV, which effectively ends Shelanu TV’s era on the HOT cable network.

Shelanu TV not in violation of license: Read for yourself

Shelanu TV has released the license it received to broadcast believing content in Israel and insists: It is not in violation of the agreement.

Fake News: Shelanu TV has been suspended, not closed down

Shelanu’s license has merely been suspended and the channel, run by Messianic Jews, can reapply for a license. The authorities imposed a difficult bureaucratic hurdle, which might render the channel suspended for a while, but it has not been shut down.