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The Promises of God are for the World and for Israel

"The Bible is full of promises of God that can encourage us in our faith. After all, faith and hope are dependent on promises – something that we expect, look forward to. A promise is an anchor."

Good News coming through the water in Gaza

In the war-torn Gaza Strip, God is reaching into the strangest of spaces to make Himself known.

My take as a believer on Israel’s upcoming election

Andrey writes, "In this article, I would like to help you understand five of the many major players in the political landscape of Israel. But before we begin, let me explain, in brief, my take on a believer’s duty in politics."

Taking up Esther and Mordechai’s Royal Mantle

Asher writes, "Purim speaks of a global crisis, through which a global victory miraculously emerges. The evil plan of the antichrist figure..."

Heal Our Land – Invitation for livestream prayer time from Israel...

The special time of prayer for the ending of abortion and for revival in Israel will include worship, a review of the situation in Israel and God's heart on the topic, testimonies, the first viewing of a new video, and of course – lots of prayer.

Israeli pastors call a National Day of Fasting & Prayer on...

No Israeli government official has yet called the nation to pray based on 2 Chronicles 7:14. Thankfully, Israeli believers are taking the lead.

More than Competition: Blessing Israel through Sports

A group of believers in Israel is teaching youth and adults to be better friends, fathers and members of the society in a unique way. They train them to be courageous and to protect by the way of martial arts and through sports ethics.  

Exciting renovations at the Tower of David Museum in the Old...

Paul writes, "One of my favorite places in Jerusalem is the Tower of David Museum. Not only is it a great lesson on the history of Jerusalem but it carries a personal meaning to me as well. So it's my pleasure to interview Caroline Shapiro, Director of International Public Relations."

What Happens When an Arab Preaches Jesus in Israel?

Compelled by the Holy Spirit, he jumped up on the table, microphone in hand, and began to preach about Jesus. But what happened next amazed us all!