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Walking in Yeshua’s footsteps, discipleship program treks across Israel

Lech L’cha discipleship program has hit the trail, literally, and are now on the final three-week stretch of the 1000 km trek from the North of Israel all the way to the southern tip of Eilat.

How can I know God’s will?

How can you discern God’s will when you’re in a dilemma? There are so many people who really want to do the right thing by God.

Keeping Jesus in sight is the main goal at this Palestinian...

House of Hope provides critical services to adults who are blind or have other special needs.

The Lord’s Supper, and Some Messianic Roots of the Christian Faith

Howard writes, "There are some noteworthy points of interest in the Tanach/OT scriptures with respect to the roots of our New Covenant faith in God."

3000-year-old scarab seal found during school field trip near Tel Aviv

Ancient scarabs are distinctly Egyptian, and hundreds have been found throughout the years across the Land of Israel.

Raphael Emeka – the Hebrew-singing Nigerian worship leader from the Negev...

When Emeka arrived in Israel, he knew that God had brought him here for a purpose.

Imagine a World with no Gospel Music

Tuvia writes, "Horrific thought, isn’t it? But bear with me."

Where is Mount Sinai?

Howard writes, "That still leaves me with a nagging thought and question: whatever body of water that God parted to separate them from Egypt and Pharaoh’s armies happened within those first days of leaving Egypt."

Four new inscriptions found on mosaics near Sea of Galilee point...

The “Burnt Church” in Roman city of Hippos-Sussita gives insight into the lives of early Christians.

[VIDEO] Is the Gospel still for the Jews?

Dr. Soref dives into his inspiration for our latest film about the Return of the Gospel from Caesarea and what it means to share...