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What is it like to live in Israel with all the...

Ishai writes, "Terrorism is greatly a part of our lives, and there is nothing we can do about it. To care too much would be to lose focus on what we can control; focusing on our families, our jobs, and all of those other day to day parts of life."

Second All Israel Conference held in Singapore: Building spiritual bridges

The second All Israel Conference was recently held on August 2-3, 2019 in Singapore to build bridges and connect Messianic leaders from Israel with the local Body of Christ in Singapore.

Israel and homosexuality

"However, unlike most Western countries, you will not find a single Messianic congregation that supports gay marriage in the whole of Israel. Why is that?"

Anti-missionaries publish incendiary article against Messianic couple

An Israeli website ran an incendiary article about a Messianic couple that has led to a complaint filed against them with the police and thousands of harassing phone calls by anti-missionary activists.

Amazing grace

Moran writes, "There is a very clear warning in these verses to not take God’s grace in vain."

Anchor of Hope Biblical Counseling Course

The Anchor of Hope Biblical Counseling course was first offered in 2013 as part of the newly opened counseling center to meet this great need. Since then we have graduated nearly 70 students from Acre to Beersheva and many cities in between.

VIDEO: Imposing my vision

Daniel tried imposing his vision on people who were not ready to follow or take responsibility. "Forcing people to do what you want may last for a season, but it won't bear long term fruit. So how do you motivate people towards your God given vision?"

VIDEO: Get in the cave

Dani gives a teaching, "Get in the cave," at Kehilat HaCarmel on August 10, 2019.

Hope on Tisha B’Av in the form of foxes

Karen writes, "Multiple rabbis who saw the sight were overjoyed at this fulfillment of prophecy and believe that if this is coming to pass, so shall the promises of the restoration of the temple found throughout the book of Zechariah."

Why more embassies are not moving to Jerusalem

David writes, "What is holding back other national leaders who are friendly to the United States and Israel and who have repeatedly promised to do right by Jerusalem?"