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The Art of Faith

At first glance, Patrick Lee’s Mercy – Love of God looks just like any other resin pour art piece. Take a closer look though,...

Be a person of your word

Moran writes, "Do you know someone who is very dependable and keeps his or her word? This is someone who follows through and you never have to wonder if things will get done; it’s refreshing, isn’t it?"

Shake us in the palm of your hand!

Wendy writes, "We have the opportunity to come together to pray once again. Pray for integrity in our leaders. Pray for righteousness. Pray that our leaders would seek God’s wisdom and follow God’s paths."

The struggle is real – with healing in sight

Anchor of Hope Counseling Center was established and filled a great void in the messianic community of Israel. The center helps believers find hope and a renewed sense of God’s loving care.

VIDEO: Whatever He tells you

Do you have confidence? In our new series we explore what it means to put our full trust in God!

What is the state of religious freedom in Israel & the...

(Washington, D.C.) — For the last several days, more than 1,000 Foreign Ministers, religious and civic leaders, academics and survivors of religious persecution from...

After one week in a coma, husband succumbs to injuries

Rodrigo Rosetsky, who lost his wife and infant son in a traffic accident, has died on Saturday after being critically injured more than a week prior when a truck rear-ended their car and destroyed the young family.

VIDEO: The man after God’s own heart

Vladimir gives a teaching, "The man after God's own heart," at Kehilat HaCarmel on July 20, 2019.

Are you jealous?

Moran writes, "God’s Word is clear; we either choose to accept his statutes, or not. We either apply them into our lives, or not, to receive them or not."

Unconditional love in uncompromising faith: The Aliyah Return Center

The vision for ARC is ever-expanding, and Malespin and the rest of the staff look to the future. With more buildings to restore and an ever-expanding number of residents and volunteers, the Aliyah Return Center is turning the soil for what comes next.