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Unconditional love in uncompromising faith: The Aliyah Return Center

The vision for ARC is ever-expanding, and Malespin and the rest of the staff look to the future. With more buildings to restore and an ever-expanding number of residents and volunteers, the Aliyah Return Center is turning the soil for what comes next.

Jesus a Palestinian?!

"Given that Jesus only ever “identified” as a member of the house of Israel, it does seem a bit rude to recast his heritage to be something other, even if he was from an area sometimes known as Palestine."

Launch of new united Israeli ministry – Eagle Global Ministries

The Eagle Project is a united ministry hosted by the Return to Zion Ministry and Revive Israel. Its vision is to renew, teach, invest and develop the young generation in Israel from age 20 and above.

VIDEO: Building cross-cultural friendships

Cody Archer sits with Anna Demian, Anni Shanks and Sarah Singerman – Emerging Generation Leaders - to chat about their experience in developing supernatural...

Mother, son killed in car accident while father fights for his...

A fatal car accident has devastated the Messianic community in Israel after Sophie Rosetsky and her 2-month-old baby, Itay, were killed when a truck plowed into their car last Thursday.

VIDEO: Obeying is better than sacrifice

Dani gives a teaching, "Obeying is better than sacrifice," at Kehilat HaCarmel on July 13, 2019.

Parental transfer (Part 2)

Asher writes, "The second reference to parents in the Ten Commandments describes the positive mechanism of receiving blessings from God through our parents."

Gen 11: Progressing from the general to the chosen

Howard writes, "Noah and his sons and wives all knew who the true God was, and of His judgment for sin. Noah was the best in his generation, who found favor in God’s eyes as being righteous."

VIDEO: Ethiopian riots in Israel – Racism?

Chaim shares some thoughts about the recent protests by Ethiopian-Israelis.

VIDEO: Wanting more

"God loves those struggling with sin" - Join Pastor Chad as we discover the the wild love of God for the unfaithful.