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VIDEO: Brad Show interview with Benjamin Berger

In this episode we interview Benjamin Berger, co-leader of a Messianic congregation Kehilat ha’she al Har Zion (The Congregation of the Lamb on Mt....

Economic portion of President Trump’s peace plan released

Karen writes, "While at first glance it may seem that this plan is dead before seeing the light of day, what ideas does this historically pro-Israel White House have in mind for peace?"

The Iran-Israel connection – Is there one?

Chava writes, "So even though the conflict seems to be between Iran and the U.S., the question is whether any of this will impact Israel?"

Ruth and Naomi: A story for our times

״When reading the book of Ruth recently, it dawned on me that the opening scene is a pertinent metaphor for our situation today as believers.״

Believers lose another giant in the faith: Israel intercessor Eliyahu Ben-Haim

The Body of Messiah in Israel suffered another devastating blow after Eliyahu Ben-Haim died on Saturday night.

God’s reminder

Moran writes, "This week’s blog is close to my heart due to the fact that I have the amazing privilege to live in the land that God promised to the children of Israel!"

Why is discipleship so difficult?

Daniel writes, "Unless we inspire conviction and zeal in our people, describing the benefits of being a disciple and publicly living out a discipled lifestyle, we will not become a discipling covenant community."

Jerusalem Encounter Conference connects global believers with Body of Messiah in...

The annual Jerusalem Encounter conference, which brings believers from around the world to encounter the land and people of Israel, took place this week at the Pavilion under threat of demonstrations by an Orthodox Jewish extremist group.

Update on Eliyahu Ben-Haim after leg amputation

On June 17, 2019, KNI posted a prayer alert for Eliyahu Ben-Haim who was in critical condition at a hospital in Scotland after having his leg amputated. Below is an update from the family.