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Christian Australian artist brings hope and color to an Israeli community

Final touch to complete the “dream” of bringing color to life was an almond blossom.

Desecration at Christian cemetery in Jerusalem – 30 graves vandalized

Member of Christian community says violent actions, bigotry against Christians have increased in the city.

[VIDEO] Did the New Testament Misuse the Psalms? Absolutely NOT! –...

The Case for Messiah seeks to answer some the biggest questions and objections to the Messianic interpretation of scripture and strengthen your faith. In...

Fields of Wheat prepares for Galilee’s spiritual harvest

The dynamic team at the Fields of Wheat ministry is brimming with expectation for a harvest in the Galilee.

Reading the Bible in Gaza

We have a lot to learn from these Gazan brothers and sisters who are willing to risk everything to follow Jesus.

Worship song in Hebrew, Arabic, English shows ‘only Jesus can bring...

Israeli ministry wants to promote salvation, unity through new trilingual worship initiative.

Bethlehem, birthplace of rulers and a rich biblical history

Known in biblical times as a place for agriculture, its name in Hebrew is “house of bread.”

The mystery of the birth of Jesus (Part 1)

All human beings have a deep desire for happiness, for lasting joy, for peace and freedom, for being loved, for dignity and respect, for...

Jesus Born in Bethlehem – Is the Location Important?

Few of the same people would be able to answer why Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Or whether it was significant that it happened there, and not anywhere else.

Who are the true Jews?

As if there wasn’t enough confusion from Christians who think the church has replaced Israel, we now have a whole new brand of error arising with the “Hebrew Israelites” who believe it is they who are the true Jews.