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Why are my prayers not being answered?

"Have you been praying about something for ages with no apparent results? Are you beginning to wonder if anyone is listening to your prayers?"

Separation of Church and State—What Would Jesus Do?

Ron writes, "Everything else has been tried in history since Rome’s embrace of Christendom. The Church ruled the state. The state ruled the church. Clergy were appointed by the Pope. Clergy were appointed by the emperor."

Galilee excavations find first mosaics of biblical heroines Deborah, Jael

Other panels discovered depict Samson from the book of Judges, Noah’s Ark, the parting of the Red Sea and Jonah being swallowed by three...

Turning the tables: A young adult from Bethlehem with a servant’s...

“Every time I say I’m Palestinian and I’m from Bethlehem, they are shocked,” Hala Gharib said

Who is the mysterious Angel of the Lord?

"Angels are sent to do the will of God and carry out His word. But the whole subject of angels and demons is quite mysterious in the Bible."

The Enemy Has Done This

Howard writes, "Today in the world (and most of us are in the countries most influenced by the gospel; i.e., by Jewish-Christian heritage and culture, based upon the teachings of the God of the Bible), we see an increasing falling away from truth, and from the God who has revealed what truth is."

Messianic congregation in southern Israel harassed by anti-missionaries, now sued by...

“City of Life,” a Messianic congregation and ministry in Sderot, is facing persecution with a pending court date in September 2022. KNI spoke to their pastor, Michael Biner, to understand what is happening and how we can pray for them.

What Evangelical Christians need to know about abortion in Israel

Pro-life groups are encouraged by the overturning of Roe v. Wade but say there is a long road ahead to see a change in...

Jewish believers in the late 1800s who maintained a Jewish identity...

Here's the story of two such Jewish believers.

Knowing and Identifying with Yeshua/Jesus

Howard writes, "What keeps so many back from that simple act of identification with Yeshua/Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection?"