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[VIDEO] Pod For Israel – NEVER BEFORE HEARD Theory about Ps....

In this episode of Pod For Israel, Anastasia an Dr. Seth Postell discuss with us a groundbreaking discovery in understanding Psalm 22.

Galilee tourism to get a facelift and much needed improvements

Tiberias receives government funding to restore promenade; Jordan River project to improve quality of water.

Israel Wrestles with Democracy: How It All Began – Part 14

Shira writes, "While Jews had centuries of records and experience in being an independent people, they would now, for the first time, wrestle with their identity as a Jewish nation governed by the Law of God..."

The Isaiah 19 Highway: Metaphors and meaning

"Are we on the highway to peace? Isaiah 19 has a fascinating prophecy which seems to be coming into focus in our days."

Ben Shapiro defends biblical morality in first-ever address in Israel to...

The Daily Wire media sensation was keynote speaker at CPAC Israel

David anointed 3 times

Asher writes, "Did you know that King David was anointed with oil three times to be king? There were different spiritual battles and challenges with each new anointing."

Israel is a powerful reminder of God and the Bible

Aaron writes, "You may not need a reminder, but there is an alarming surge of antisemitism all over the world today."

Remains from reign of Emperor Constantine found at Jerusalem’s Church of...

Preliminary excavations for a pavement-stones restoration project brought to light the ancient construction site dated to the era of Roman Emperor Constantine.

Why are my prayers not being answered?

"Have you been praying about something for ages with no apparent results? Are you beginning to wonder if anyone is listening to your prayers?"

Separation of Church and State—What Would Jesus Do?

Ron writes, "Everything else has been tried in history since Rome’s embrace of Christendom. The Church ruled the state. The state ruled the church. Clergy were appointed by the Pope. Clergy were appointed by the emperor."