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Don’t Fear Corona Conspiracies!

Ron writes, "The fact that certain powers conspire against God and his people is neither news, nor shocking. It was prophesied long ago. The questions is, are we ready?"

Engaged in a military tank! Messianic couple’s proposal makes Israeli news

The elaborate engagement of an Israeli Messianic couple — which involved having to secure the agreement of an army base and cooperation of tank brigade commanders — was featured on the morning show of Israel’s Channel 12 last week.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 17, 2020

Top stories this week include: Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a two-stage plan to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Israel is building a road to connect Jerusalem area settlements, Travel between Greece and Israel to resume August 1st.

Rebellion vs Radical Courage

There’s a curious difference between rebellion and world-changing courage... It can be very difficult to discern the difference sometimes. Let me give you a couple of examples, and you’ll see what I mean.

Humanitarian Aid Organizations Respond to Covid-19

Israeli nonprofits continue to help those in need despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

[VIDEO] “The Blessing” [HaBracha] in Hebrew! Jerusalem, Israel

Join Joshua Aaron and his son Max as they bring "HaBracha" (The Blessing) back to Jerusalem!

Israeli bus driver could lose job after talking about Yeshua on...

An Israeli bus driver was filmed by a passenger preaching the Gospel to his passengers while driving and now he could possibly lose his job.

Messianic preschool in Jerusalem facing closure after devastating COVID shutdown

The only Messianic preschool in Jerusalem — a rare oasis where Jews and Arabs learn together — is in danger of having to shut down after suffering severe monetary losses during the COVID-19 closures here in Israel.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 10, 2020

Top stories this week include: Benjamin Netanyahu decides to annex just 3 settlements in July, The PA threatens to end civil services to its...

Investing in women’s transformation, Simcha Natan offers coaching, podcasts

Natan’s one-on-one coaching process is new to her repertoire of services and is more personalized than her Dare to Ask courses, where a “tribe” interacts through regular online meetings. In both of these individual and group settings, what helps Natan reach women is her ability to love and accept people.