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Jesus’ Resurrection and the Jewish Holidays – How It All Connects

"The Apostle Paul calls Jesus the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. Thanks to Jesus’ resurrection, we can see the prophetic significance of the three main Jewish holidays."

Music Video Release – Joshua Aaron “One Big Family”

Joshua Aaron and family are joined with over 40 families/friends around the world and in Israel singing his new song "One Big Family".

Local house of prayer in Jerusalem making global impact

What started as a humble gathering for daily prayer in their Jerusalem living room some 20 years ago, has evolved into an established, internationally recognized house of prayer led by Rick and Patricia Ridings where God is downloading practical solutions to real problems in society.

Pesach – A Timeless Holiday for the Past, Present and Future

On the night of the first Passover, as described in Exodus 12, no one was permitted to step outside. We are experiencing something very...

Jesus is the most famous Israeli in history. Few Jews know...

Joel writes, "This is the curious story of growing interest in Jesus in the Jewish community, including a movement of Rabbis and Jewish scholars urging fellow Jews to read the New Testament."

With elderly hardest hit by COVID-19, Ebenezer Home feels the strain

Though none of the residents at Ebenezer Home — the only facility for elderly believers in Israel — has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the staff there is operating under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep it that way.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week in Review – April 4-10, 2020

This weeks top stories were the coronavirus, the lockdown over passover, a crucial re-stock of testing equipment, and there is still no government.

Bridges for Peace scrambling to meet increased needs due to coronavirus

With the effects of fear, unemployment and closures stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, ministries are getting more requests for help than usual.

Passover in the shadow of corona, home alone but connected online

These regulations affect Messianic congregations as well, many of which traditionally have a communal Seder dinner. While this year, congregants will be celebrating with their immediate family at home, many organizations are hosting Seders online so that people can tap into community.

The Ministry of Interior refuses to grant Israeli citizenship to the...

But just as her heart soared, the bureaucracy brought it crashing down again. Ministry of Interior officials informed Dana that they had information that she shared and liked Facebook posts related to a Jewish-Messianic community.