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Lebanese businessman buys auctioned Hitler items, donates them to Israel

A Lebanese-born businessman bought several items that belonged to Adolf Hitler and other Nazi paraphernalia in order to keep them out of the hands...

Kehila News to BLESS TEN (10) Messianic/Christian ministries for #GivingTuesday

Kehila News is an online ministry that praises other ministries according to Proverbs 27:2, but for #GivingTuesday, we want to serve as financial conduit to BLESS TEN (10) Messianic/Christian ministries in Israel, 7 Hebrew speaking and 2 Arabic speaking ministries, listed below.

Nine Stories to Warm the Soul

When IStandwithIsrael.com was born, suddenly thousands of dollars were flowing in monthly with the request to give to those in need in Israel. Here are just some of the real life stories the magnificent supporters of ISWI are responsible for this year.

The Iranian UAV and cruise missle threat

The Reuters news agency published an in-depth report this week about a surprise attack on Saudi Arabia in September. Riyadh and most Western governments placed responsibility...

[VIDEO] Multi Millionaire Was Spiritually Bankrupt Until He Met Yeshua

When tragedy struck Joseph’s family he was determined not just to fill his father’s shoes but to surpass everyone’s expectations and make a name for himself.

650 Christian Businesspeople Arriving in Israel for the ARISE Summit

On December 4th, around 650 Christian business people from 50 countries will arrive in Israel to meet with Israeli entrepreneurs at the ARISE Summit.  ARISE...

Weekly Summary: Top Things to Know from November 23rd-29th

Jordan’s military simulates a war with Israel: Jordan conducted a military exercise on November 25 that simulated a war with Israel. The exercise featured...

In Giving We Receive

We like to place our values on commitment, hard work, stewardship, and providing for our families. These are all noble ideas. Yet when it...

VIDEO: Put on the process

Pastor Chad reminds us that even though we can be freed from most things, there are those few stubborn elements that are more difficult...