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The Desert Bursts Into Bloom and 3 Other Unusual Events

We are living in unusual times. Israel is seeing several strange phenomena springing up within its borders, pointing to the uniqueness of our days.

Coronavirus, elections, and anti-messianic attacks: Top news stories Feb 29-Mar 6

Israel's extreme response to the Coronavirus: 10's of thousands of Israelis have been ordered to self-quarantine for 14-days by the Health Ministry, including Israelis returning...

What God is Saying About the Coronavirus

Rick writes, "I had shared that it was important not to give in to fear in the increasing shakings and chaos. To remember that it is the Lord who is in charge of the duration of shakings, and the ultimate purpose was the emergence of the Kingdom of God, that cannot be shaken, and the Harvest."

Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan targeted by Yad l’Achim

In a Facebook post, the anti-missionary organization Yad l'Achim falsely accused a Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan of deceiving Israeli youth.

ANALYSIS: Netanyahu had a big night, but was it enough? If...

This morning, Fox News published a column I wrote analyzing the initial results of the Israeli elections. Here are a few excerpts.

ELY seeks to equip Messianic families to overcome financial challenges

One organization has decided to focus on the root of financial challenges facing Messianic families so they can help get themselves get out of - and stay out of - economic distress.

Three youth ambushed, beaten near embattled Messianic outreach in Jerusalem

In a dramatic escalation of violence, three Orthodox Jewish young men were ambushed by other Orthodox Jews last week and severely beaten — and one even stabbed — after they left a Messianic home for disenfranchised youth.

Right-Wing Bloc Inches Closer to Victory in Polls, Israel Goes to...

Israel goes to extreme measures to prevent the entry of coronavirus: On Saturday, members of a group of South Koreans who had visited Israel tested positive for the virus after returning from their trip. In response...

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 1

Adam writes, "My heart was bursting, and I began to weep and finally understand that I was supposed to be part of this great nation – part of that 4,000 year-old promise. My time had come..."

Stalemate or political earthquake? With less than one week to go,...

Joel writes, "On March 2nd, Israel will hold our third round of national elections in the past twelve months. Are we headed towards another stalemate, or a political earthquake? Here are five things to watch and pray over."