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[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 24, 2020

 Top stories this week include: An elevator to the Western Wall, 2 cities locked down due to coronavirus, A car-ramming attack near Jerusalem, The...

From Questions to Prayer: The Political Stalemate in Israel

Devorah writes, "As I was praying one morning, the LORD asked me a question, 'Do you really understand the issue that is at stake between Netanyahu and Gantz? You have been asking me for unity between them, but have you really considered what you are asking? Take another look at it.'"

Daily News Summary: Netanyahu speaks at the Christian Media Summit

In his brief but warm speech the prime minister conveyed his appreciation to the Christian world and Christian Zionism for their continued support of the land of Israel.

Daily News Summary: Gantz and Netanyahu meeting leads nowhere, missing Soldier...

After an initial round of meetings, the two leading parties have agreed on one thing; another election should be avoided. While leaders from each party have agreed to further talks, competing priorities are currently preventing the forming of a government. 

Daily News Summary: Netanyahu returns mandate, Israel NGO to help the...

Benjamin Netanyahu has returned the mandate to form a government back to President Rivil after failure to form a coalition. The president is expected to now give Blue and White the chance to form their government.

Daily Summary: October 3, 2019

Benjamin Netanyahu focused on securing position as lead of Likud party. New Knesset sworn in.