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Bridges for Peace scrambling to meet increased needs due to coronavirus

With the effects of fear, unemployment and closures stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, ministries are getting more requests for help than usual.

Biblical Disasters — Divine Providence

Barry writes, "Today, we understand this as one of many powerful signs of God’s providence for us in times of great difficulty. War, plagues, famine, and many other disasters strike—and God is always there for us, guiding the way with his healing mercy."

Christian Arab church teams up with Jewish city for Passover outreach

For many years now, Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth has used the Passover holiday as a way of demonstrating the love of Jesus in action, distributing food packages to the needy for the feast. 

Believing ministries adapt to restrictions, step up efforts to help during...

Believing ministries have become flexible and creative in order to aid those in need during the coronavirus crisis. Read about a few examples.

New Christian Field hospital in Gaza ignites tension between Fatah and...

Friend Ships, a Louisiana-based Christian ministry, is setting up a field hospital in Northern Gaza. From Gaza’s early days as its own region, the...