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Through a New Testament Lens

I came to faith by reading the New Testament; from the first pages, I knew that what I was reading was the truth; the...

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: June 17, 2020

Top stories this week include: Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a two-stage plan to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Israel is building a road to connect Jerusalem area settlements, Travel between Greece and Israel to resume August 1st.

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report – April 18-24, 2020

This weeks top stories were the the new government agreement, annexation plans, the Holocaust memorial, and conflict in the west bank and with Syria.

What does Israel have to do with me? Part 2

"The third foundational truth you can use as a guide for what on earth Israel has to do with you is this – greater riches!"

New Album Release – Praises of Israel

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel has released their newest live worship album titled "Praises of Israel".   But You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of...

Daily News Summary: Netanyahu speaks at the Christian Media Summit

In his brief but warm speech the prime minister conveyed his appreciation to the Christian world and Christian Zionism for their continued support of the land of Israel.

Daily News Summary: Liberman releases his plans for unity government and...

Lieberman releases his plans for unity government, Netanyahu says Israel can defend itself, Iranian MMA fighter to fight Israeli...

Daily News Summary: First rains of the season, new election polls,...

Israel presented a pact for “non-agression” to Arab Gulf States during UN assembly, Foreign Minister confirms. Thousands come out to protest violence in Arab community.

Come Build the Walls of Jerusalem

Almost four thousand kilometers separate Carlisle in Northern England, where Paul Calvert was born, and Bethlehem here in Israel where Paul—a self-described Bible-believing evangelical Christian and journalist—now lives and pursues a unique ministry.

The Teacher and The Preacher

About five years ago two men from very different backgrounds formed a friendship that has become a means to move people together to find...