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Loving Thy Neighbor // Congregations Across Israel Respond to COVID-19

The believers in the land of Israel, like in many other nations, have been prohibited from congregating, so they have been exploring other ways to continue their ministry. Many congregations have been very efficient in caring for their communities. 

How the New Israeli Government Could Impact Israeli Believers

Chava writes, "Israel’s believing community is focused on a government which can deal fairly and equitably with them. They will support of a coalition which will advance freedom of religion, biblical principles, security and prosperity for her citizens as well as the furtherance of the Zionistic dream of a homeland for Jews."

Who Exactly ARE the Israeli Messianic Jews?

Aaron writes, "As difficult as this internal discussion often is, it mostly IS an internal discussion among the Believer community here in Israel and there is no doubt that at the end of the day, the things we agree on are generally more important than the things which divide us."

Passover in the shadow of corona, home alone but connected online

These regulations affect Messianic congregations as well, many of which traditionally have a communal Seder dinner. While this year, congregants will be celebrating with their immediate family at home, many organizations are hosting Seders online so that people can tap into community.

Paradigm shift: Messianic congregations turn to Zoom, online streaming to connect

This week all congregations, plus synagogues, churches and mosques around the country, have been prohibited from meeting at all. Read how some Messianic congregations are adapting to the new regulations.

Messianic congregations scramble to comply with new Israeli rules on coronavirus

In order to comply with new Ministry of Health directives designed to halt the spread of coronavirus, Messianic congregations are moving to home groups, adding services or offering video streaming of their meetings in place of weekly services.

A new dawn for Israel and Bible translation

"This is a day when we are called to serve the nations as well as those within our midst, a day when we are called to participate in the Great Commission in ways that we may never have imagined."