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Popular Messianic Jewish artist added to Global Jewish 100 list

Joshua Aaron, an Israeli Messianic artist, has made it to a list of a media group's top 100 Jewish influencers from around the world - a rare addition of a Messianic in a diverse group of Israelis from pop culture and politics.

New radio app AGAPE.FM – Hear the latest Messianic music from...

One For Israel is excited to offer their new Radio Agape App to Apple Alexa and Android devices!  Listen to the latest Israeli Worship...

A new dawn for Israel and Bible translation

"This is a day when we are called to serve the nations as well as those within our midst, a day when we are called to participate in the Great Commission in ways that we may never have imagined."

Hebraic Roots Network: Presenting the Scriptures from a Hebrew Perspective

One of the chief messenger methods for teaching about how the church can revive and restore the faith of the 1st century has been...