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Pesach – A Timeless Holiday for the Past, Present and Future

On the night of the first Passover, as described in Exodus 12, no one was permitted to step outside. We are experiencing something very...

Passover lessons for a modern-day plague

David writes, "As each family sits here confined to our homes to slow the spread of this modern-day plague, it is hard to escape the parallel with that fateful night long ago when the ancient Israelites huddled in their homes, with lamb’s blood sprinkled on the doorposts..."

This Year’s Historic Passover

Sandra writes, "Passover 2020 will stand as the first year in history that multitudes of Christians around the world rally to observe the biblical feast. There is a collective sense that God is calling His global family to stand watch with Him on this biblical feast as we pass over to a new global era."

Passover in the shadow of corona, home alone but connected online

These regulations affect Messianic congregations as well, many of which traditionally have a communal Seder dinner. While this year, congregants will be celebrating with their immediate family at home, many organizations are hosting Seders online so that people can tap into community.

[VIDEO] Coronavirus Passover Message

Listen to Barry's special Passover message.

Cups of Wine

Asher writes, "How many cups of wine are part of the Passover Seder? The Rabbis say there are either 4 or 5, related to the divine actions listed in Exodus 6:6-7."

What you need for Passover at home

We’ve put together a list of things necessary for the Passover Seder, along with some highlights (“Seder” means order, as in the order of things at the Passover table).

The Passover pattern

Avner writes, "Passover was the season when powerful revival broke out among the Jewish people. This festive time shimmers with God’s redemptive purposes."

[VIDEO] Passover, the plagues, and Corona

Avi shares a Passover message.

Like The First Passover

"The people of Israel are confined to their homes, waiting for the plague to pass… reminiscent of the very first Passover three and a half thousand years ago."