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Anti-missionary attacks renewed on Messianic home for at-risk youth

After a respite of a few months from attacks at a Messianic-run shelter, the property was broken into last week by a group of men armed with metal rods and rocks while six women were alone on the premises.

Messianic congregation wins legal battle against anti-missionaries

A Messianic congregation in Ashdod won a court case this week against the anti-missionary organization, Yad l’Achim after years of prolonged harassment.

Understanding Persecution in Israel

Shani writes, "All of us in Israel are used to the constant threat of rocket fire and bus bombings; aggressive people who don’t like the fact we exist is a way of life. But I have to stop myself and remember — just because we’re used to it, doesn’t make religious persecution right. And left to fester, it could easily get worse."

Ashdod police give Orthodox green light to harass Messianics

This is the type of persecution that Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation in Ashdod has dealt with for the last few years. The demonstrations escalated last month following a large Orthodox conference which took place in January.

Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan targeted by Yad l’Achim

In a Facebook post, the anti-missionary organization Yad l'Achim falsely accused a Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan of deceiving Israeli youth.

The decline of Christian Palestinians in Bethlehem.

Just a few days before Christmas, the Gatestone Institute, an influential conservative think-tank, published a detailed report on the persecution of Christians within the...