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Global prayer summit against coronavirus to be led from Israel

Christian and Messianic leaders from the believing community in Israel will be joining in with other spiritual leaders from the United States, China and other nations for a global solemn assembly that will be live-streamed online to pray corporately against the coronavirus.

What God is Saying About the Coronavirus

Rick writes, "I had shared that it was important not to give in to fear in the increasing shakings and chaos. To remember that it is the Lord who is in charge of the duration of shakings, and the ultimate purpose was the emergence of the Kingdom of God, that cannot be shaken, and the Harvest."

Daily News Summary: Thousands gather at Western Wall, drone from Gaza...

Read summaries of a few news items from Israel on Oct. 20.

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Started in 2002 by Eagles' Wings ministry, the first Sunday of every October has become "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" day.

South Korean delegation from world’s largest church visits Jerusalem and prays...

Hundreds of Korean Christians from the largest church in the world gathered in Jerusalem to pray for the peace of the city and of...

PRAYER ALERT: Gaza protest marches on Friday 6 April

Please pray for the protest march at the Gaza security fence by Hamas planned for today, 6 April, 2018. A list of challenges that IDF soldiers will face today from the protesters are ...

PRAYER ALERT: Urgent prayer request for Israeli Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro

Please pray for his upcoming surgery on April 10 to remove the brain tumor that has returned.