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Translating the Bible for the Whole World (Hebrew video)

ShelanuTV interviewed Ricki Gidoomal, 4.2.20 Foundation - IBLT's Chief Operating and Academic Administration Officer about the Institute for Biblical Language & Translation's work to address these significant gaps globally for text, oral and signed Bible translation.

Shelanu TV will shut down on cable – and reopen online

HOT cable company chose not to reapply for a license on Shelanu TV’s behalf, effectively ending its time on Israeli cable TV. God TV’s spokesman in Israel, Ron Cantor, said the show will go on, albeit in a different format.

Press Release: HOT Cable Company chooses to drop Shelanu TV because...

Last night we learned that HOT Cable company has chosen not to reapply for a license for Shelanu TV, which effectively ends Shelanu TV’s era on the HOT cable network.

Shelanu TV not in violation of license: Read for yourself

Shelanu TV has released the license it received to broadcast believing content in Israel and insists: It is not in violation of the agreement.

Fake News: Shelanu TV has been suspended, not closed down

Shelanu’s license has merely been suspended and the channel, run by Messianic Jews, can reapply for a license. The authorities imposed a difficult bureaucratic hurdle, which might render the channel suspended for a while, but it has not been shut down.

To my Zionist friends response to the God TV dilemma

Don writes, "I am deeply concerned about some of the responses regarding the recent God TV dilemma. Did the God TV brother express himself in a way that is insensitive to this whole issue? Perhaps so, but please do not let this drive any of us away from our covenant Jewish brothers and sisters in the Messiah."

Shelanu TV, Christian Leaders, and Thirty Pieces of Silver

Eric writes, "What would motivate Christian leaders to actively fight against Messianic Jews in Israel? My first inclination (from experience) would be to say, “Follow the money,” and to tell you to look for the Thirty Pieces of Silver."

What is the Messianic Israeli channel “Shelanu” actually airing?

Since few if any of the accusers have bothered finding out what the channel is airing, we need to ask ourselves – why is the very existence of a Messianic Jewish channel in Hebrew such a threat to both Orthodox Jews and some Evangelical Christians?

My Perspective on Shelanu TV – “Our TV”

Carolyn writes, "As a Jewish follower of Yeshua, who never converted to Christianity either nor did His disciples, I have no desire to see my fellow Jews convert to another religion. Yet I do believe what Yeshua said..."

[VIDEO] Interviews regarding the controversy surrounding Shelanu TV

Watch CBN News coverage of the controversy surrounding the Israeli Messianic cable channel Shelanu TV, including interviews from both sides.