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A Bridge Too Far? GOD TV and the journey of Christian-Jewish...

David writes, "The row between Israeli authorities and GOD TV over its new license to broadcast Gospel programming in Hebrew on HOT cable is a story that is not going away soon, and many are now joining the fray."

[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report: May 9-15, 2020

This week's top stories in Israel were the delay of the government formation, a controversy surrounding Shelanu TV, and the death of the soldier Amit Ben Ygal. Watch the video to learn more.

Christian criticism, Messianic support for Israeli channel run by believers

Shelanu TV, the first ever Messianic channel in Hebrew, started to air on Israeli cable TV in the beginning of May – and immediately sparked controversy in the Jewish state.

God TV to launch new channel in Israel, Shelanu TV to...

Shelanu TV is set to broadcast to Jewish and Arab viewers in Israel in Hebrew. It will launch on Israel’s largest cable network, HOT...