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Ashdod police give Orthodox green light to harass Messianics

This is the type of persecution that Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation in Ashdod has dealt with for the last few years. The demonstrations escalated last month following a large Orthodox conference which took place in January.

Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan targeted by Yad l’Achim

In a Facebook post, the anti-missionary organization Yad l'Achim falsely accused a Messianic culture center in Ramat Gan of deceiving Israeli youth.

Christian tour group accused of bringing the coronavirus to Israel

After 18 South Koreans on a Catholic pilgrimage tour of Israel were diagnosed with the coronavirus, the anti-missionary group Yad l’Achim cynically used the panic caused by the diagnosis, calling the group the “Korean missionaries” who tried to infect Israelis with “coronavirus and Christianity.”

Lamech, Amalek, ‘Yeshu’, Intifada, Yad L’achim

(This article was updated from Nov 2007, when presented at Eschatology conference in Langensteinbacherhohe in Karlsruhe, Germany) In light of all of the present conflict...