Transcript: The Truth Behind “The Occupation” in Hebron

Editor’s Note: This article is a transcript of video posted by Hananya Naftali, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. Hananya is refuting claims made about the Israeli “Occupation” of Hebron. He mentions that Hebron is a historically Jewish city. Click here to see the 72 references to Hebron in the Bible, including mention that it was King David’s capital for seven and a half years, 2 Samuel 2:11.

Hi there, my name is Hananya.

So I watched this video Al Jazeera posted about the “occupation” in Israel. It got over a million views and a crazy amount of positive comments. That made me decide to make a response video to Al Jazeera, but this time to tell the truth.

[Clip from Al Jazeera] We’re in the Occupied West Bank town of Hebron Right now. This area, which is inhabited predominantly by Palestinians, is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements.

Whenever there is an argument that is about land, we got to the past, to the history, and see to whom the land belongs. And you might be surprised, but that city in the video, Hebron, used to be the capital city of Israel when King David ruled. It used to be part of the Four Holy Cities in Israel, which are Tiberias, Jerusalem, Hebron and Tzfat, in which Jews have lived. So before you say we’re “illegal”, check the history please.

[Clip from Al Jazeera] So normally how I go there, there is a checkpoint here. It’s called checkpoint 56. And the only reason for it, I see, is to push the people out of their homes and their houses. The reason why this checkpoint is there is to humiliate people. For example, when I pass the checkpoint I need to take off my belt, I need to take off my phone. For example, the day before yesterday they forced me to take off my shoes.

Now those checkpoints are legal according to the long-term agreement between Palestinians and Israel to have some parts of Hebron controlled by the Israeli military.

[Clip from Al Jazeera] What are they firing? Oh. The tear gas.

And yes, when you throw stones at our soldiers they will protect themselves. They will not stand there staring. By the way, those checkpoints are running like security checkpoints in airports. Actually, let me tell you a story of my friend, who served there in Hebron, told me. One day a sheik, a religious Muslim leader, wanted to cross to the other side. But when the soldiers called him to go through the security checkpoint, he refused, saying that he is a Muslim leader. No tell me, what if this sheik flies to a different country, should the security there just not check him because of the fact that he is a religious Muslim leader? I don’t think so either. The military has these checkpoints to make sure Palestinians don’t cross to the other side with knives, bombs, drugs and more, which is pretty much what they check in the airports. When I flew to Germany and got to the security checkpoint, they also asked me to put my phone away, to take my belt and shoes off. Am I being humiliated? Of course not! It’s a security check.

I am Jewish and I respect Arabs. I hope that you learned something new about the West Bank. Please like and share this video. It’s a huge help for Israel to spread the truth among your friends and family. Remain in God. Love you.