Traveling through History: Interview with Director of Bible Lands Museum

Paul Calvert spoke with Amanda Weiss, the Director of Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, a museum that believes that the future of mankind has its roots in the past and only through understanding our history can we build a better future.

Have you ever wanted to walk through the history of the Bible and see it tangibly come to life? At the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem you can do just that. Paul Calvert found out all about its amazing Founder and the museum’s time frame and artefacts, from its Director, Amanda Weiss.

Paul: What is the Bible Lands Museum?

Amanda: The Bible Lands Museum is the only museum in the world that looks at the history of the Bible; the lands, cultures and the people of the Bible from ancient times. As our history book, the Bible is our source; it’s our course for understanding life. It’s our moral and ethical guideline, but the Bible really is our history.

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