Truth and Love

‘And because lawlessness will increase, the love of many will grow cold’- Yeshua

The current world has drifted so far from truth that there is little truth left to believe. It’s like lying, if you start with a lie then you must come up with a second lie to cover for the first and so on, until the original lie is forgotten and all the lies are defended passionately as truth. Truths are spun into half-truths to further specific pre-fabricated agendas in all walks of life, be it politics, religion, or science. Truth has now been deemed ‘hate speech’. We have arrived.

A most recent and still warm example (at the time of this writing) of the death of truth is UNESCO’s official majority decision declaring in effect that there is no Jewish history in Jerusalem. If that august body were to decide by majority vote that the Earth is flat, that doesn’t make it so. But the majority said so- and therefore people will believe it- and the majority is always right, right? Wrong.

The Biblical account of the twelve spies entering the promised land is a prime example. Twelve highly respected leaders of the tribes of Israel were given to witness the holy land, all seeing the same things, and ten of them declared the taking of the land to be impossible. Only two of the twelve dissented saying it could be done, and were nearly stoned by the people. Those two turned out to be right, and the only ones to enter the promise. It is a parable worth considering.

In some circles of the faithful Gossip has replaced Gospel, and prophecy replaced by fantasy and contrived miracles often replacing the real ones. Rather than seeing before our eyes the wonders of the Creator, we have become a generation that seeks after a sign (Matthew 16:4), or dismiss the true signs as irrelevant or ‘worldly’. And love has often become a four-letter word of expedience tossed around as a substitute for the real thing, and a manipulative crowbar to extort commitment and funding. Well-practiced external religious gestures, whether formal or informal, and perfectly pronounced words have been deemed sufficient to cover over the rancor and rage harbored and festering within. There are people so filled with disdain that they cannot sit next to their brethren in the pews, and are prepared to denounce and betray them at the first opportunity, the accuser of the brethren being the brethren themselves.

But the love of truth is the truth of love, and where one fails the other falls. This piece begins with the idea of the increase of ‘lawlessness’, which is the Greek anomia in the New Testament. That word is approximately the equivalent of the Hebrew bilial, which is literally ‘without yoke’, or ‘unyoked’, meaning the beast unyoked from the Law of G-d, lawless. This same word is the one used in the NT to define both the antichrist (‘the man of anomia– lawlessness’- 2 Thess. 2:3), and those saying “Lord, Lord” to Yeshua, who replies, “Get away from me you anomia– lawless ones- I never knew you” due to their failure to do that which their mouth utters, and that which His mouth uttered. Lawlessness (sometimes translated as iniquity or sin) corrupts like rust eating away the metal and spreading- to defile many.