UAW International Overturns Local Union’s BDS Vote Against Israel

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is a worldwide campaign that was established over a decade ago by Pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israel activists; specifically targeting Israel via an economic embargo in a supposed attempt to help Palestinians.

It is becoming clearer that the attempt to bully and discriminate Israel is even hurting Palestinians but they insist, sometimes forcefully, on imposing their demands until their goals are met while mobilizing others to do the same.  They are as passionate as a spiritual movement and as their foundation is in the Palestinian Liberation Theology doctrine, one could argue that it is religious in nature.  They certainly employ similar tactics as some cults and some of their favorite ‘converts’ are found on university campuses.

Last year the University of California’s student workers union voted to join the BDS and there was much rejoicing.  This was short-lived because on December 16th, in what is being hailed as a victory for sanity, the United Auto Workers International (UAW) – the “more mature” version of the local students union – voted this past week to firmly oppose the BDS. This was in Detroit, MI and they clearly recognised that the activists from the BDS movement do not promote peaceful dialogue and coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis.

For more information on how to combat the BDS movement, go to this link.