Unique Israel Tour: Enabling the Disabled

Most Believers have always wanted to walk where Jesus walked. Many have gone and returned with amazing experiences to share. But, for those who live in a wheelchair or with a walker, crutches or even a walking stick, such a life-changing tour has always seemed something to only dream about.

No more! From May 8th – 17th, 2017, International Ministry Travel is offering a tour designed just for you. We even have a bus that will load your provided wheelchair, with room for your assistant and a couple of other friends and family members. This tour will hit all of the important Christian sites without the excessive walking that most tours plan. This will be the easiest tour itinerary in the history of Pilgrimage tours.

And, we’ve made it affordable enough to make this dream come true. No matter if you’re leaving from New York, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles or San Francisco, the total cost of this trip of a lifetime will shock you.

For $3,800, you can have Round trip Air from any of the listed cites, deluxe hotel accommodations, touring in an incredible bus, led by one of the finest Jewish Israeli guides in the country, and all tips, taxes and fees included.

So, check out our interactive itinerary and reserve your spot. Come to Israel. You’ll never be the same.

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