Update from Messianic Pastor Santoro

As you know we are in an ongoing health battle. Last week I had an MRI and several days ago we went to see the oncologist to evaluate the results. Unfortunately, the MRI showed that the tumor in my brain is still there and growing. Due to my body’s negative reaction to the chemotherapy pills that I had started taking, the doctor recommended a treatment with a biological drug which I will start in one week. This drug is given intravenously twice a month. According to the doctor, this particular treatment is very effective in 60% of the cases.

Ultimately, we know that it is God who is our healer. So please join us in faith as we continue to pray for complete deliverance from this cancer. We are not giving up. The word of God is living and active and it declares that greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world and by His stripes I am healed. I still spend hours a day listening to healing scriptures, we pray alone and we pray with friends and we are confident that even after three years, we will see His victory. 

Yesterday, I was in a store getting my phone fixed and the clerk was a young Muslim. We started sharing about who we were and not only was he very interested in hearing about Yeshua but he wanted to read my book!  We gave him a copy through the email. Please pray that he is able to read it and that he is touched in his heart. Pray that the words we spoke to him of Yeshua would ignite something new in him.

I am committed to speaking about the Lord with whomever I meet. In the supermarket, gas station, on a walk in our neighbourhood or doing anything at any place, I endeavour to start a conversation and lift up the name of Yeshua. Remember; one plants, another waters but God brings the increase!

Please continue to pray for our monthly outreach meetings in our congregation. Once a month the Revive Israel worship and prayer meeting is held in our congregation meeting hall with whoever wants to participate. After a time of prayer and intercession and worship, they go on the street to share the good news of Yeshua. Please pray that increasing numbers of local believers will participate and that we will begin to see many coming to faith! Yeshua is still a very foreign concept to most and it can be a long and ongoing process as we evangelise and witness to people. We believe that the time is now for Israelis to know the truth of Yeshua and we encourage all our brothers and sisters to step out and to go forth in the truth and power that is resident within us.

Persecution of Believers
Israel is a land where there are complicated political realities. We are very pleased with Netanyahu and his government and the uncompromising stand he takes on the international scene. We are tremendously blessed with the warm relationship between the USA and Israel. The move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem is historic and the stand of the USA against those who want to destroy Israel is also stronger than ever.

On the other side is the reality that to insure the right wing support, the current Israeli governent also must include religious politicians in the coalition and they are often very anti Messianic. The Interior Ministry is controlled by one such party and as a result many Jewish believers have been denied citizenship because they are suspected of being believers in Yeshua. We personally know too many quality individuals who have had their legal right to move to this country be denied. Couples who marry here and where one spouse is a citizen and one is non Jewish must go through a 5 year process in order for the non Jewish partner to obtain citizenship. The Interior Ministry has a history of illegally harassing these couples and prolonging the process, not giving necessary visas and threatening to not give citizenship. As of this date, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult and many of our friends are enduring this harrassment. Please join us in praying that this “anti Messianic” force will be exposed as illegal and that all Jews, no matter what their individual religious beliefs will find Israel a nation open and welcoming to them. 

Congregational Weekend
Ahavat Yeshua is planning a weekend in the Golan Heights, July 5-7. The last time the congregation did this was three years ago and it was an incredible blessing for everyone who went. Please pray that many would participate, that it would be a refreshing and encouraging “family” time which will bond everyone together with deeper cords of love. The congregation subsidizes a good portion of the cost so many who could never get away are able to enjoy a special time with their natural and spiritual family.

New Book 
We are very excited that our book is available. We have included at the bottom a summation and contact address and want to encourage everyone to get a copy. We believe that you will be blessed, encouraged and empowered, no matter what your battle may be as you read my story. I have included an introduction to the book and we want to encourage you to send it out to others. We really need your help to get the word out and thank you in advance for your assistance.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, June 22, 2018, and reposted with permission.