Update: Injured Messianic soldier’s condition improves, grateful for prayers

In February, KNI reported on David B., a Messianic Israeli soldier and worship leader who was injured in combat. In the article we requested prayers that David would be a light and testimony through this incident and that his hand would be fully restored.

Three months later, David enthusiastically agreed to share an update with us.

“Almighty God is great and hears and answers prayer!” David told us, emphasizing first and foremost that he is extremely grateful for prayers from around the world.

KNI: How have you been doing in the last three months since we spoke?

I’m in good spirits and have so much to be thankful for. I have been doing really well. After the time in hospital I had to go to Ramshtein where soldiers who are wounded in combat are sent. A special committee there makes the decision to release the soldier or keep them in the army depending on the severity of their injury/injuries. I got to stay with my unit, but my role has changed as I obviously can’t do what I used to do. It also frees me up to be able to undergo the regular physical therapy I need for my hand and finger.

KNI: Medically speaking, how is your recovery going?

A month after the initial surgeries, they removed the pins that were holding my finger together. There has been a lot of healing of the soft tissues, but of course there is no knuckle. After half a year of physical therapy, further decisions will be made depending on the basic functionality of the finger and hand. I would be grateful for continued prayers for the situation, the medical staff and my ongoing treatment.

KNI: Initially, three months ago, they were talking about amputation and you not being able to use your finger and hand normally again. What can you tell us about your progress?

I want to tell you that with the help of God and only thanks to him I have healed so much that I have even been able to go back to playing the guitar in the praise and worship team. It proves to me that God and God alone is in control of the whole situation. It’s a great miracle that has happened here. All things, even the bad things are working for good, because they are God’s plans! Of course it is not like it was before but considering the pins have only been out less than two months and there is still a lot of healing to take place, this is very encouraging.

KNI: We are delighted to hear this news. What an encouragement!

Yes, and also, I have to tell you another story that has blessed me. Because of my love for music and especially the guitar, there was a very beautiful acoustic guitar that I wanted to buy. It was was on my heart to have it but it was out of my budget constraints. Because my birthday is coming up in two months, I thought that I would be able to use my savings and combined with potential birthday money, I would be able to buy it. To my surprise, three weeks ago, after I had finished playing in the worship service, someone in the congregation blessed me with a brand new guitar! He bought it for me and it came all the way from the States. It is even more beautiful and more expensive than the one I was planning on buying here in Israel. Now I have the ability to worship on this lovely instrument which was such a gift. It just confirms to me how God is working and in such a short time I have had healing and extra blessings.

KNI: Are there any last words that you would like to share?

I’m so grateful for the people who have been praying for me. This is so meaningful and touches my heart. I believe that because of prayer God saved my life and has performed the miracle on my hand. Please keep praying for continued healing of my finger and hand. Prayers are so important for the Body of Messiah because we bear one another’s burdens and lift each other up. I am so thankful.

Thank you to the KNI community who have lifted David up in prayer. Please continue to do so as he completes his army service in five months and as the physical therapy assessment approaches.