[VIDEO] A Prophetic Direction for 2020 (Part 3)

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Praying Over The Nations

I would just encourage you to ask the Lord when to pray this, let the Lord show you when to pray this, when to proclaim this, in many, many nations, I didn’t name them all tonight, but this is major, like I said, the clash of kingdoms this year is very much over truth versus lies. So I think this is a very, very key scripture to proclaim. In fact, I’m going to Korea in a little over a week and we’re going to proclaim it again.

So, proclaim this as the Lord shows you nations that you’re praying for, that you’re interceding for. I’m blessed tonight to see Virginia here. Who’s from England?

Prayer Overcomes Corbyn’s Hatred of Jews

The Sunday before the elections in England, there was so much danger of the man Jeremy Corbyn winning who is clearly the outright anti-Semite that they say he is. The polls showed that two thirds of the Jews of England were saying, “We will leave England if he wins. It will be so bad in England that we will just have to leave.”

Now, at some point they do need to leave and come back to Israel. But in the meantime, God has mercy on England. If they understand what I’m saying. So, the Sunday before the elections, we were in London and proclaiming some scriptures like these that truth would come out. And certain things came out in the media so that his antisemitism was clearly seen.

Many of the media had been saying, “Well, it’s not really true,” and it came out with regard to many, many recordings that were proven to be absolutely true, of other leaders in his party, saying very, very anti-Jewish things, very hateful toward Jewish people. And he lost the election by a landslide. Praise God.

Intercessor Gets Thank You Text From Boris Johnson

So, the Lord is working. In fact, one of the intercessors who was there got a personal WhatsApp message for Boris Johnson afterwards, and he said, “Thank you for praying for me, I know that the prayers made a difference,” and this is a man who is far away from God.

He makes no profession to believe in Jesus or to follow Jesus, but he texted the intercessor, took the time to write a WhatsApp message after he won the election and said, “Thank you for praying for me for this election.” So he knows the prayers had an effect. You know, God obviously is working in his heart, So pray for him to come to Jesus, that’d be the best thing.

Demonic Attack Against the Youth

Nigel, if we can get the next one, uh, major point number two, we won’t take as much time on this major point number two, I believe this will be a year of a clash of kingdoms, of the clash of kingdoms over the youth.

I believe so strongly. Those who I am talking to and listening to in many, many different nations that I believe are hearing from the Lord, are saying there is a major attack on the youth, a major attack upon the youth that many major demons have been unleashed against young people in this generation. Why?

All these prophetic voices agree. We are on the edge of the greatest harvest, the world has ever seen and it will primarily be the young people that will be in the midst of this great new Jesus movement worldwide.

Millions of Young People to Come to Jesus

And we will see millions and millions of young people set free from Satan’s bondage and coming to Jesus. I really believe we’re at the point where this could happen soon, but there’s this huge battle because in Revelation 12 it talks about a great end times battle, and it says that Satan will come down to you very angry because he knows his time is short.

Now I’m not saying we’re in that specific moment of Revelation 12, what I am saying is that we are at a moment when the devil is angry, the devil is mad and I’m glad, as someone put it.

We Need to Stand Against the Enemy

You know, we need to be thankful that he’s angry. It’s a good sign that he is coming with an onslaught, but we as intercessors have got to protect the children and the young people. We have to battle on behalf of them. We need to stand with the Lord for their freedom, for their protection, for their healing, for their deliverance.

Right now there’s a major battle going on for this generation. And I really believe we could see this as a year of harvest. Greater than the church has seen in 2000 years. I really believe where there’s the potential for that, but I believe it will be primarily through the youth.

There’s a Battle Going On in the Heavenlies

And I believe the battle is still going on in the heavenlies. It’s like Daniel, you know, where there was a delay and he asked why the delay and God sent the angel, the Archangel Michael who said, well, there was a battle going on in the heavenlies. I was sent the very first day you started praying.

And the implication is because Daniel fasted and prayed, those three weeks, there was a total breakthrough in the heavenlies and the angel was able to come and they, the children of Israel were released from exile to come back to the land.

And so I believe there’s a major heavenly battle going on right now. And I believe, how can I say it, we don’t need to come into some, like somehow I’ve got to make it all happen, but we are a part, if we’re intercessors, we are part of standing with God for His purposes, to prevail in battle.

Like Daniel, we are there to confess our sins and the sins of our forefathers and to call on the Lord according to his great mercies to answer and to see a breakthrough, and I believe it’s the battle for this generation. Now, I won’t take a long time, this is a whole subject and maybe we’ll take another Monday evening to just go into this with scriptures and a lot about youth, what the Bible says.

But I would like to share a vision that I shared at this prophetic summit in Dallas, a couple of months ago.

If we can put the next slide up, Nigel. I saw in a vision, in this particular vision, it was concerning the East coast of the United States, where many of you would know, the major universities that prepare leaders are on the East coast.

Ivy League Universities Under Attack

They’re places like Harvard or Yale or Princeton that are on the East coast. And, it’s this area with these major universities, preparing leaders for government, for every area of society, and in this vision but I believe it applies in this nation, I believe it applies in your nation. I believe it applies all over the world.

What I saw, I saw a huge snake, down the Eastern coastline of the United States, over these areas of the universities. And this snake had swallowed up, most of a generation of young people. The belly of the snake was huge with university students, with young people, teenagers, that Satan had swallowed and they were under his control, they were in the belly of the snake. There was just this huge belly of this snake and it was just lying there down the whole East coast of the United States in the vision that I saw.

But again, I said, I believe this vision applies in every nation. And then I saw as the intercessors began to cry out to the Lord, God came like a huge Eagle and He, a snake has a lot of power when it’s on the ground. It has a lot of ways to escape. But the eagle takes the snake out of its comfort zone, it’s war zone, and takes it into a different place where the snake can’t do anything.

It doesn’t have wings.

And the eagle took this snake up into the heavenlies and he had one claw near the tail of the snake, he had another claw near the head of the snake. And when that Eagle representing God got up in the air, He took that snake and you could see this huge belly that was full of all these young people that he had swallowed alive.

Young People Freed – Start Revival

And the eagle went. And what it did, the belly of this snake split, it just, it tore just like, like He took a knife and tore and suddenly all these young people started parachuting out.

They were set free from the snake’s control, and they started parachuting down and then when the parachute would come down to the earth, they would start a fire wherever they were.

It was a fire of revival and they would start a fire here. And I saw here and I saw all over the East coast of the United States, I saw in these major Ivy League universities, I saw fires of revival of God beginning to move, started by young people who had been set free, who at one time were totally under the control of the devil, but had now been set free and were rejoicing in their freedom and sharing with other young people. Saying, “I was so bound, but I was set so free.”

And I believe we’re at a moment where we can see this happen to a generation that Satan has swallowed up. And as intercessors we can say, let the Eagle of the Lord come and let him take that snake and let him just pull it and slit the belly of the snake.

Young Man Overcomes an Idol in His Life

And may this generation be set free from Satan’s control. I know of a young man here in Jerusalem this week. The Lord spoke to me that he’d been dealing with some really heavy spiritual attack against him and he now felt that he should take, this doesn’t mean it’s wrong for all kids or whatever, but that he should take away what’s called the Xbox with all his video games and he felt like he was addicted to that and that he should just throw it away and it’s like tearing down an idol in his life.

He felt he was like tearing down an idol and I believe the Lord wants us to pray that young people will be set free from idolatry, in whatever form. That we may be set free from idolatry, that we as parents and grandparents can ask forgiveness of the Lord, wherever we have opened doors for this generation, for Satan to swallow them, but that we can pray that this generation gets set free.

I would like to ask you to stand up right now. Stand up right now. I believe we need to pray this right now, then we have a third area that we’re going to pray briefly on.

So the snake had swallowed young people, had swallowed them up and had them under his control, but the eagle tore the snake open. So father, we agree together right now, in the name and by the blood of Jesus may this generation of young people that have been swallowed up, oh, any of them that have been swallowed alive by the snake, by Satan, by his deceptions, by his addictions, by whatever has happened that has swallowed up young people.

May they be set free in the name and by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We call on you oh Lord, arise as an Eagle. Arise as a mighty Eagle and take this snake and just pull the snake apart, open its belly and let these young people be set free.

We say, let my people go. “Let my young people go that they may worship me,” says the Lord. Let’s say it out loud. “Let my young people go that they may worship me,” says the Lord. “Let my young people go, that they may worship me,” says the Lord.

Hallelujah, Lord, we believe you to let this be the year. Let this be the year that a generation is set free from Satan’s addictions, from the worshiping of false gods. Let them be set free from bondage to lies. Let them be set free and let them know the truth and let the truth set them free.

So again, in this year of a clash of kingdoms, God bring forth a great harvest among the youth, greater than we’ve ever seen. A Jesus movement greater than the previous Jesus movement, as something that will sweep the nations and a great harvest will come forth in the name of Jesus. Amen, Amen.

You may be seated. One last thing, and again, these are each areas that we could just spend a lot of time praying over, but we’re 24 seven, so you have a lot of time to pray about these things. But I really believe that it is key here to pray for the youth and for this move of God among young people.

This transcript originally appeared on Succat Hallel and is reposted with permission.