[VIDEO] A Prophetic Direction for 2020 (Part 4)

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Popular Rap Singer Accepts Jesus

Let me throw one more thing about the youth. When I was in America, in November, there was a lot of talk about one of the probably two best known pop music singers.

It’s actually more in the areas of rap, but says a man named Kanye West, had come out with a new recording called, ‘Jesus is King.’ I thought, “I’m gonna listen to this.” So I got a hold of it and I was just amazed. I mean it was absolutely clear about repentance.

It was absolutely clear about totally turning your life over to Jesus and Jesus being king. It was no, no, beating around the bush or generalizations. He was very, very, very clear.

We need to pray for him. That he will stay strong in Jesus. He’s really committed his life to the Lord. He’s going now and they’re having, they’re filling up major venues, and they call it, “Sunday Service on a Roll”. and they sing all these songs about Jesus and young people by the hundreds are giving their lives to Jesus in these meetings.

True Repentance

But he’s very radical about Jesus and totally changed. I was on an Uber ride there in Dallas and it was a young African American man who was driving. He had on hip hop and rap and so I said, “Have you heard of Kanye West?” He said, “Of course I’ve heard of Kanye West. He’s only the most famous person.”

I said, “Well you know, I’m from overseas, and I’ve been hearing that Kanye West ‘really changed his life and that he believes in Jesus now.’ Do you think that’s true? Is it just a ‘gimmick?’” He said, “It’s not a gimmick.” He said, “I’ve been listening to it.” And he said, “I can tell it’s real. He’s really changed.” I said, “Well what about you?” He said, “Well, my grandmother has been praying for me.” And we ended up praying together, that God, that Jesus would reveal Himself to him. That if this was true for Kanye West, could it be true for this young guy?

So you know, the influence these people have through their music, is just phenomenal. It could be part of seeing this, but it’s a battle’s going on and so that’s why we need to pray for him, for protection, other big names that, Justin Bieber has come to Jesus, in a very true way now. We need to pray for him, that protection and that they will be bold and share with the young people about Jesus.

Spiritual Battle Over the Nations

Now the last thing, number three, is a year of the clash of kingdom over nations that are shifting. Now we’ve spoken a lot about this in recent months. So I’m not going to take a long time. But just to, for those who have not heard this teaching.

God spoke to us about a year and a half ago, two years ago now, probably. About showing nations, almost like on a chess board and God began moving and changing nations. We won’t go into the whole vision, you can look at it on the website, on succathallel.com and you can see the whole vision. But basically, what the Lord I felt said was this, on the next slide.

I felt the Lord say, “I am extending a ‘season of mercy’ for nations to change and no nation is hopeless.”

– [Man] Amen.

No nation. In fact in that vision, I saw that some of the nations he began shifting around, moving around and changing, were ones we would never expect. Even like Saudi Arabia. I really believe God is at work in Saudi Arabia, in a major way right now. Things are happening.

Actually, we know of a group in the Far East, who has trained over 2,000 people who have gone as servants to Saudis and live in their homes and clean their homes and make their food and take care of their children and pray in their house, all day long. As the Lord gives opportunity, they’re sharing the Lord.

2,000, from the Far East, in Saudi homes. I mean you have some things, I believe we’re gonna see breakthroughs in nations that will surprise us. He said, “No nation, is hopeless.”

A Vision of Spiderwebs Over the Nations

Let’s go on to the next one here, time flies. Many of you know we had a vision of evil systems of control that were like spiderwebs and there were spiders that would take world leaders and bring them into deception and blind them and the Lord showed us that the Lion of Judah, took his paw and he began wiping out whole systems of evil.

Spiderwebs, not just, you know, how many know it’s not enough just to elect a Christian President or Prime Minister in your country? Did you hear what I’m saying? There are systems of evil that will stop them. But there have to be systems of evil that are destroyed and God is starting to do that in many nations, right now.

Power of the Blood Destroys Unrepentant World Leaders

The next part of that vision, the next slide. The power of the blood of the lamb. In this vision, the Lion of Judah would take out a system of evil and then the intercessors, the angels would bring the blood of Jesus down. We would take one drop of the blood of Jesus and put it over an evil ruler and they would either repent and come to the Lord, or they would be removed.

One drop of the blood of Jesus, could take out an evil ruler. We’ve been limiting God. We’ve been limiting God. God is not just into, you know, “Lord, help me to find a good apartment.” Or whatever. Do you hear what I’m saying?

God is into changing nations and he wants to use us as intercessors, to change those nations. Now, some of you know we proclaimed that in different places and one of the places is on Mount Carmel at Carmel Assembly and they had people there from many, many nations, but included in the group were many from Sudan, because they minister to the Sudanese refugees, there at Carmel Assembly.

Prayer Brings Down Evil Sudanese Ruler

There was a very, very evil ruler in place, in Sudan, who had been in place for 30 years. They had tried to overthrow him. They could never overthrow him. Let’s see the next slide. The day after we proclaimed this, we proclaimed it on April 11th. On April 12th, the New York Times headlines says, “Sudan’s Spider is Finally Cast Out of His Web.” Now that’s clear enough, isn’t it ?

You know, that’s encouraging when God makes it so clear, because you feel kind of crazy praying these things. They said for 30 years, they had tried to overthrow him. Let’s look at the next slide. This is the sub headline. It says, “Al-Bashir, Sudan’s Spider, Is Finally Cast Out of His Web.”

Hallelujah, our God reigns. Our God can shift nations. He can change nations.

No More Dictators

This was the day after we proclaimed that, with those Sudanese refugees there, at Mount Carmel. The next day, he was overthrown and he’s out of power and we’ve been praying since then, “Lord, no more spiders.” Amen. Let’s keep praying for Sudan and every time a military person has tried to take over as a dictator, the young people have gone into the streets, made big demonstrations, and they’ve stopped it and they have now guaranteed, the military has said, “No more dictators. We’re going to move into true elections, in Sudan.”

So something is shifting and changing in that nation. If you wanna read the full vision, you can go to the website, take a picture of the website and you get it from the website. So God is shifting nations.

Next, some of you know about the night the Lord had given us a vision of the Lord, in dark clouds and lightning going out from the Lord and striking demonic thrones, over Turkey, over Russia, and over Iran. That night, we felt the Lord said, “To also pray it over Lebanon.” Nigel, are we able to show the video of there? Can you click on that video? Are we able to get the start? This is the night as we proclaimed that in this room.

– [Man] First of all the direction of Turkey, three blasts.

– [Man] This way is the east from Turkey, Iran three blasts.

– Now, for those from the nations, we only have lightning, about two times a year, in Jerusalem. We’re at the edge of the desert. We can go four months with no rain and we have maybe two or three times in the whole year where we have a lightning storm.

God Answers Prayers with Lightning

And as we proclaimed that God was striking, not people, but demonic thrones, over Iran, over Russia, over Turkey, over Lebanon. You saw what happened as we blew the trumpets, the lightning would flash.

We felt particularly to proclaim from Psalm 29, is where it says, “The word of the Lord will go forth as lightning.” There’s another verse that says, “It will strike the cedars of Lebanon.” That’s those great big trees in Lebanon. Some of them are 2,000 years old and we felt the Lord said, “It will splinter the cedars of Lebanon.”

Prayer Directed Against Hezbollah

In other words, we felt a proclaim over Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group that controls Lebanon, that they would splinter. They would begin to fall apart and that there would be division in the government of Lebanon. Now if we can show the next slide, Nigel. This is a picture of demonstrations, three nights later, demonstrations started in the streets of Beirut.

On the 14th of October, we proclaimed that the Lord, confirmed with lightning, as we proclaimed toward Lebanon, that it would strike the cedars of Lebanon. It would begin to splinter the government and splinter Hezbollah and that God would begin to move in Lebanon.

People Rise Up in Lebanon

On the 14th of October, we proclaimed that. The lightning came. On the 17th of October, they started demonstrating in the streets of Lebanon and against the government. The Prime Minister, you see a lady with a Lebanese flag of a cedar of Lebanon. The Prime Minister resigned.

So far, Hezbollah, has not been able to agree to make, they could just shut it down. They have the military power like Iran, where they could kill hundreds of people, like Iran has done. But they haven’t done it so far. Something I believe, is shifting in Lebanon.I believe God is bringing disagreement and division between the Islamic leaders of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

So Father, we thank you for what you’ve been doing. We thank you for demonstrations that are going on even now, in Lebanon. Night after night after night, the demonstrations all over the country, calling for a government free from the control of this Islamic terrorist group. We pray mercy on Lebanon tonight. We pray mercy on Lebanon tonight.

Lord, protect the believers in Lebanon, who have from the House of Prayer, in Beirut, that have a tent downtown in Beirut where they’re giving out food and ministering to the demonstrators and praying and worshiping boldly and openly. Would you protect them, oh God?

And God, we pray that somehow Hezbollah will not be able to stop this movement of freedom in Lebanon. We claim your Word, “I have called my bride out of Lebanon.” We continue to pray for the shifting of Lebanon and that there will be great breakthrough in that nation, Lord and that the hold of radical Islam would be broken over Lebanon and there would be a great harvest of people coming to the Lord.

In the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua, Amen. Next, next slide. Before this slide, I just wanna mention, I’m sorry. Well yeah, no, we’re okay. It’ll be next. Okay, quickly. Moving really quickly, gotta hit some of these. There’s so many places shifting, that there just isn’t time to go into all of it.

But I wanna mention the UK. Like I said, it was amazing that this man who was so openly anti-Jewish and saying horrible things about the Jewish people, was not just defeated, they said it would be very close, but he was defeated by a landslide. A huge victory and a huge turn, so much that the newspaper headline in the UK said, “The Election Results Signifies a Re-alignment of UK Politics.” In other words, they’re saying it was not just an election, it’s actually changed the course of politics from now on.

– Amen!

– In the UK. That’s one of the newspaper headlines. Yeah, praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord. A lot of you were praying that. A lot of you in this room were praying that.

– [Man] Amen.

– there we go, Amen! So we bless England tonight, we bless the UK tonight, the further shifting into the purposes of the Lord.

This transcript originally appeared on Succat Hallel and is reposted with permission.