VIDEO: A teaching from Psalm 133

A teaching from Psalm 133 by Pastor Meno at the Jerusalem Assembly on August 25, 2018.

It’s real easy to say ‘how good and pleasant it is to be in fellowship, in peace with one another’, but what are you doing to cause that…to bring about unity and peace? The oil going down the robe and the beard of Aaron is a metaphor. But what exactly is the intention here? The oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the presence of God. The priests are full of the presence of God, the direction of God. And what comes from this when you are filled with God’s presence is peace and satisfaction, security and refreshment, rest. Jesus said ‘come to Me all who are weak and feeble and I will give you rest.’

In verse 3, it says ‘It is like the dew of Mount Hermon falling on the Mount of Zion.’ So what happens on Mount Hermon happens in the house of God. But is the connection between the two?

Mount Hermon is the tallest mountain in Israel. So cold water, adjustable temperature, all of those climatic forces happen on Mount Hermon and it flows down to the country. That’s where you get the most rain, snow and cold air that comes down from the tallest mountain and flows down the country. In the same way, Mount Zion is where the house of the Lord is. So all of this spiritual blessing start from there and flow down onto the people of God. The source of peace, unity is in the house of the Lord. And it brings all of those things to God’s children so they can be a better witness to the word.