[VIDEO] A Zeal For His House | John 2: 13-22 | Rev. David Pileggi

When Jesus cleanses the Temple, he utters a confusing prophecy: “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in 3 days” (John 2:19). This saying made little sense to his hearers at the time; but after his death, burial and resurrection, his disciples remembered it in light of his body. What lessons can we learn today from this prophetic act? The early Church would go on to see itself as embodying a Temple for the Lord (Eph 2:21–22), but have we perhaps taken that honor too lightly? If Jesus cleansed his Father’s house for the sake of its holiness, how much more must He make us a fitting space for God to dwell?

This Lenten season, may we seek holiness through remembrance of our Messiah’s passion–both for his Father’s house, and for his Body.

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