[VIDEO] ANI YODEA (I KNOW) Shilo Ben Hod LIVE at the GARDEN TOMB, Jerusalem

Shilo Ben Hod sings his song, “Ani Yodea” (I know) about the power of the resurrection in our lives in Hebrew!

Visit Shilo’s ministry site to find out how you can schedule their team in your area, listen to their music, and support their work in Israel (lyrics below)


Eini yode’a et he’atid, ve’lo batuach ma hamachar yagid
Ach ani makir Otcha, ve’ein li safek Becha
Ulai yihiye kal ulai kasheh, ve’ein yode’a ma hayom ikreh
Ach ani makir Otcha, ve’ein li safek Becha

I don’t know the future, I’m not certain what tomorrow holds
But I know You and I don’t doubt You
It might get easy, it might get hard, no one knows what will happen today
But I know You and I don’t doubt You

Yagidu acherim acheret, ani akshiv rak le’kolcha
Ki ha’emet shelcha goveret al kol uvda
Im ad achshav kiyamta kol mila she’ne’emra
Ani amshich Becha livtoach bli busha

Others may say differently, I will listen only to Your voice
For Your truth surpasses all knowledge
You’ve kept every word You’ve spoken until now
I’ll keep trusting You with no shame

Ani yode’a she’Goali chai, Hu lo bakever
Hu kam min hametim
Az gam ani kam, ve’ne’echaz rak Bo
Ki ha’atid kulo shayach, la’Alef ve’haTav

I know my Redeemer lives, He’s not in the grave
He has risen from the dead
So I rise too, holding on to Him alone
For the future belongs to the Alpha and Omega

Adaiyn ein li et kol hatshuvot, afilu yesh li ktsat she’elot
Ach ani makir Otcha, ve’ein li safek Becha
Gam im herchakti Ata karov, gam im hereoti Ata adaiyn tov
Ach ani makir Otcha, ve’ein li safek Becha

I don’t have all the answers, I might even have a few questions
But I know You and I don’t doubt You
Even if I went far away, You’re close, even if I was bad, You’re still good
But I know You and I don’t doubt You

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Joshua Aaron is an award winning, independent singer and Integrity Music songwriter. He resides near the Sea of Galilee with his wife and 4 children and continues to maintain citizenship with both the nation of Israel & the United States of America. His 2012 release “You Are Holy“ won Joshua two Independent Music Awards for his original songs, “Hoshiana“ and “You Are Holy“. His music videos continue to reach an international audience around the globe, amassing more than 1 million views each month on his YouTube channel. Joshua's chart topping album entitled "Every Tribe" reached #1 on iTunes for "world" genre and #1 on Amazon in three categories; International, Praise & Worship and Christian Contemporary Music upon it's release Dec. 16, 2016. This album, featuring Chief Joseph RiverWind, Michael Weaver (Big Daddy Weave) and John Schlitt (of Petra) is now available at http://www.Joshua-Aaron.com, iTunes at https://goo.gl/TqrpEh and all digital stores.