VIDEO: Brad Show interview with David Silver “Praying over Israel on top of Mount Carmel”

Today Brad speaks with director of Out of Zion Ministries, David Silver. Find out about the biblical significance of Israel in the last days. Out of Zion’s ministry supports the fulfillment of biblical prophesy and the spiritual significance of northern Israel where they are located.

When I first became a believer of Jesus, I thought now I am a Christian I’m not Jewish anymore. But the more I read the Bible, the more Jewish I felt and the more I realised that everything in the Bible is absolutely Jewish and it really helped me to identify with being a Jew and being in the tribe of Levi.

About four years later, I just woke up one morning and I said “Lord would You please speak to e today?” And I felt that He did and during one week I really felt that God was calling me to take my family and relocate to Israel. My wife and I prayed and God gave my wife an open mind vision of a mountain with fire and the song “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord”. He confirmed it from Isaiah 2:3 and a diary she had one morning. And so we sold everything and six or seven months later, we were living in Israel.

I didn’t really know what God wanted me to do. I was a businessman in New Zealand. I wasn’t in ministry. I didn’t know anyone in Israel and I didn’t have any connections. We started a mobile car cleaning business. I worked in that business for three or four years and we lost almost all of our money. And just as we were getting to that point where we were thinking that we should go back to New Zealand, my pastor invited me to go to Moscow to engage in an outreach to Jewish people. It was just fantastic. We saw Jewish people running to get Bibles. We saw hundreds of Jewish people getting saved. We planted congregations. It was just incredible.

The same thing happened when I took a team to Maldovo the following year. Many Jewish people were being saved. The third year, we went to the capital of Latvia.

We felt an anointing on our team but I didn’t understand why it was there. That’s when the Lord illuminated Isaiah 2:3 and I immediately knew that it wasn’t because of who I was that the anointing was on us but because of where we were coming from; for the first time, after 2,000 years, the Word of the Lord was going out from Israel to the nations.

Establishing Prayer Towers on Mount Carmel

At this time, there is no real spiritual line of defense in the north for Jerusalem.We have a vision and we’ve had this vision for quite sometime now. That the people of the nations would come into Israel and they would either rent or buy apartments on Mount Carmel. And we have this vision to establish prayer towers or prayer houses all the way along the mountain to be the first line of defense in the spiritual realm in the north. But what we’re really doing is we’re protecting Jerusalem.

This is the window of time for the church of South East Asia to be God’s fellow workers, to be His fellow ambassadors. But they must receive teaching from Messianic Jews to bring the truth of the Hebrew Scriptures.

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