VIDEO: Brad Show interview with Jonathan Settel “My encounter with eternity”

Brad show speaks with Messianic worship singer, Jonathan Settel who shares about his amazing “encounter with eternity” that brought him out of a lifestyle of addiction and darkness to one that reflects the light and forgiveness found in Yeshua. Excerpts from the video are below. Watch and share!

“Jewish people need to have some signs and wonders before we believe things. So I said to the Lord “If you are real, I want to see You tonight with my eyes.” And I went to sleep…and I woke up at two o’clock in the morning…I had a headache and I pressed down on the pain and when I closed my eyes, I saw a face…He looked very, very Jewish and very Israeli. He had tears coming down from His eyes…And I saw my face in the teardrops of this Jewish man that was looking at me and crying for me. And I knew this was Jesus. I started crying…and I knew with all of me that Jesus is God. So my life changed.”

“I am purposed to be a vocalist/singer to sing to God, to Jesus, so that He can bless…”

“When a Jewish person finds Jesus, he becomes a completed Jewish person. When a non-Jewish person from the nations finds his Jewish roots, his support system – through the roots is Israel and the Jewish people – becomes a completed Christian. Now you have completed Jewish, completed Christians and together, one new man in Messiah Jesus.”

Jonathan Settel