[VIDEO] Dai Li – Enough For Me

New Hebrew worship from Israel, recorded and shot in Jerusalem.
Subtitles available in: HE, EN, ES, PT and more on the way!

In the song Dai Li we give praise to our God for making us His sons & daughters, caring for us, showing His love which is far better than anything this world can offer!

PDF Chords Sheets:
Hebrew – https://bit.ly/3geUd5G
English – https://bit.ly/3gkntbm

The world has nothing to offer
that compares to what You’ve already given
Forgiveness, peace and joy fill my life
Worry has fled
And fear doesn’t control me anymore
Out of all the beautiful places on earth
I’ve found that with You is where I want to live forever
In the north, in the south, it doesn’t matter
As long as I’m with You
With plenty or little, I don’t care, I’ll lean on You

I lack nothing Hallelujah!
I don’t need to search anymore Hallelujah!
Sin doesn’t control me anymore, Hallelujah!
So I will sing from my heart – It’s enough to be Your son!

(It’s enough for me, enough for me to be Your son
(It’s enough for me, enough for me to be Yours
(I don’t want gold, I don’t want fame
(I’ll give up much more, just to be called Your son

You’ve changed everything, You’ve changed my name
You’ve became a father for me
No longer an orphan, neither lost, nor a slave
But free as a bird
I’m dead to sin and born again, clean as a baby