VIDEO: Engaging the power of God

Sarah Liberman speaks during the Ascend Worship Program on how to engage God’s power.

Do you believe in Yeshua? Do you believe in His power? Do you believe not just in His salvation but in His healing and in the fullness of all His promises?

Where was God? Why didn’t He did He not reveal how to heal the woman with the issue of the blood? She still, after all of that, pushed through, pursued what she knew He promised. This woman got her reward from the Lord. Why? Simple. Faith.

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Sarah Liberman is an internationally acclaimed Israeli worship leader, speaker and recording artist. Sarah has devoted her life to blessing the heart of God and making a place for others to meet with Him. Sarah travels, singing and speaking, bringing the powerful new sound of this generation of Israeli worshippers to the nations. With millions of views on YouTube, and songs sung in congregations around the world, her music brings you into the real presence of God. Her first two albums “I Am Before You” and “A Pure Heart” include well known and loved songs such as ‘Fire of Your Spirit’ and ‘Gadol Adonai’.