[VIDEO] Following a Rabbi in the First Century: Formation and Direction, Then and Now

If we seek to understand the discipleship that was ever so important to Jesus, we must not ignore the discipleship that was widespread throughout Jewish world leading up to the first century.

In this webinar, Rev. David Pileggi explores how understanding the Hebraic roots of discipleship, from Elijah & Elisha and up through the Second Temple Period, will help us deepen our own discipleship of Jesus the Messiah.

Emunah: A Textual Approach to the Concept of Faith in the Bible

Often when we read the Bible, we wrongly reduce faith to an intellectual and/or emotional process. While not bad in itself, this outlook strips us of the richness of one of the bible’s central themes. In his talk, Aaron Eime explores how through the text faith is displayed by the heroes of the biblical narrative, as well as how God asks us to be faithful today.


The Three Messiahs: An Examination of Jewish Messianism Following the Exile

We often seek to understand the messianic office of Jesus by looking at the the religious and historical context in which he ministered, and rightfully so. However at times it is helpful to go even further back to understand how this reality in the Second Temple period unfolded.

In his talk, Rev. Daryl Fenton touches on how the political and religious transformation that occurred after the return of the Jewish people from the Babylonian exile, began to form the Jewish approach to the concept of messianism. If we seek a deeper of understanding of who Jesus is as a Messiah, we need to start at the time from the return to exile.