VIDEO: Israel Frontline – Goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America

Israel Frontline is a program hosted by Shira Sorko-Ram.

This is the Third in a four-part series on Islam. In the series, Shira discusses in depth various aspects of this religion, focusing on its goal of establishing a worldwide Islami cule, and acquaints you with the Muslim Brotherhood and its strategy concerning the U.S.

On this program:
– Who are the Muslim Brotherhood?
– Why is the US Government distancing itself from Egypt?
– A Spiritual explanation
– And later, our panel of special guests will offer their perspective answering our questions on this subject.

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Shira has lived in Israel since 1967, where she became an Israeli citizen. She has worked as a director and producer of documentary films. One project, “Dry Bones," a film on the prophetic significance of Israel’s rebirth, is acclaimed around the world and was seen by Golda Meir. In addition, Shira has written for many publications concerning the Messianic Jewish Movement and the Christians’ part in Israel’s spiritual resurrection. She produces the monthly Maoz Israel Report, providing a prophetic, political, and spiritual perspective of current events in Israel.