[VIDEO] Hero of the Story [Hebrew Worship Sessions]


As we approach the new year, it’s important to refocus and re-set our hearts on God and our Messiah Yeshua – The Hero Of The Story, and remember that “The World revolves around You, not me!”.

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen”

Join us in this deep worship song, written and sang by our friend David Seguin.

Who are You?
מי אתה, מי אתה?
mi ata, mi ata

The One who was since the beginning
אשר היה מבראשית
asher haya mibereshit

Who is like You?
מי דומה לך?
mi domeh lecha

All of Creation awaits in longing
כל הבריאה מחכה בכיסופים
kol habria mechaka bechisufim

What is Your name, what is the name of Your son?
מה שמך, מה שם בנך?
ma shimcha ma shem bincha

You were with God from the beginning
אתה היית מבראשית עם האלוהים
ata hayta mibereshit im haElohim

Everything was made by Your hand
הכל נהיה על ידך
hakol nia al yadcha

In You was life, and light for men
בך היו החיים, האור לבני אדם
becha hayu hachaim, haor livney adam

Grace and truth
חסד ואמת
chesed ve’emet

Everything is from You
הרי הכל ממך
harey hakol mimcha

Everything is through You and for You
הכל דרכך, והכל אליך
hakol darkecha, vehakol elecha

The hero of the story
הגיבור של הסיפור
hagibor shel hasipur

The main character
הדמות המרכזית
hadmut hamerkazit

The world revolves around You, not me
העולם סובב סביבך, לא סביבי
haolam sovev svivcha lo svivi

Be the center, I will bow before You
היה המרכז, לך אשתחווה
heyeh hamercaz, lecha eshtachaveh

God creator of the world, Yeshua
אלוהים בורא עולם, ישוע
Elohim boreh olam, Yeshua

Be magnified, sanctified, exalted and lifter high Yeshua
יתגדל, ויתקדש, ירומם ויתנשא ישוע
itgadal veitkadash, yeromam veitnaseh Yeshua

be glorified and praise, the name above all name
יתפאר, וישתבח השם מעל כל שם
itpaar veishtabach hashem me’al kol shem